The Payback List

To be blunt, that’s not what I call it. What it really is, is my Shit List. I started it in Asheron’s Call and it has lived on ever since. Before WAR, I used it to record the names of mobs that killed me in particularly humiliating ways — too often, too easily, too unexpectedly or whatever.

In AC1, reed sharks were on my permanent list. Level and location didn’t matter; if I saw one, it usually had to die. Banderlings and mattekars were a close second, though I eventually crossed them off.

In SWG, since we originally settled on Naboo, spineflaps and (pre-NGE) maulers ended up on the list. I was really sad to come back to SWG last year and discover that maulers had become something of a joke. On the other hand — see what happens to you if you make it to my shit list!? You’ll get NGE’d! So be careful!

And so on. Until WAR. Now, the shit list is reserved for the names of people I will, one day, hunt down and smack down.

Nobody has made it to a permanent list yet. To be honest, looking at my hastily scrawled notes, I think it’s probably time to cross some of those names off; if you can’t remember why they’re on there in the first place, they shouldn’t be on the list at all.

I am not, in fact, a grudge-holding person; my memory’s too bad. More seriously, I think it’s a waste of time, though there are one or two people from my past I’ll be just as happy never to cross paths with or talk to again — but one or two in forty years is, I feel, not exactly Cosa Nostra-like in terms of remembering slights.

WAR is different. For one, WAR has made me appreciate RvR and I’ve learned to have fun with it while not taking it personally. Sometimes, however, you just have to take it personally, just a little bit. So you scribble a name on the list as you wait to respawn… and in my case, you never see them again.

Given my levelling pace, most of the dozen or so names are undoubtedly well out of my range by now. However, given WAR… someday I will be 40 and they will be 40 and our visored eyes will meet across some battlefield… and I will yell “OMG THERE’S INSERT NAME! DIE DIE DIE!!!” And they will have absolutely no idea why some insane lone Order char is charging at them. If all goes well, they will die die die and I’ll cross them off my list. I don’t require second and third helpings of revenge: one will do nicely. Die already, so I can get rid of your name and we can go have tea and scones!

Incidentally, nothing says “love my guildmates” as much as someone yelling “Gah! There’s InsertName, my nemesis!” in a scenario chat and seeing all one’s guildies do a Terminator: turn around, acquire target, terminate. Mmmm gud.

I’m not going to name my Shit Listers, because they’re personal grudges — and very, very minor. I keep a shit list not to name and shame people since their worst offense was to kill me in a game where that’s part of the point. I keep a Shit List because it’s fun — it’s done for amusement, and it’s not overdone. If you’re not doing it for fun… ya might want to check the yellow pages under P for Shrink.

9 thoughts on “The Payback List

  1. I find that people have made my shit list on a scenario by scenario basis. Or night by night. On Saturday night, there was a particular Black Orc. He had killed me in a way I took exception to. After that, whenever I saw him, I went right after him. So much so he finally shot me a tell saying that I was like a little fly and why was I picking on him? I don’t reply to messages like that, typically. So, I didn’t this time either. I just kept going after him. LOL. It was so un-Order-like.

  2. I need a list!

    I was out looking at the other side of Ostland and saw some Destructo dude running my way. I was Flagged, he was not. I stopped to see if he wanted a brawl. He kept running. Then as soon as he got past me he flagged and stabbed me in the back.

    Cowardly Destruction person!!!

    I wish I’d thought of that…. *snicker*

  3. That’s right…we can’t talk to the other side, right? I know you can’t really tell this about me, but I create a lot of chatter. It was probably someone on order side and I thought it was the BO. I was running scenarios with Bildo that night. Could have been him. Possibly had a beer or two, too. LOL

    Back to a discussion we had awhile ago. I am finding SWs do a lot more DPS at melee than we do at ranged. I believe you had said that staying in assault stance was the way to go. Are you still doing that?

  4. Twasn’t me!

    Though I am often told I’m a tenacious little bugger myself Makk. Not by the Destruction creeps, but by our other players. I was in Phoenix Gate the other day, and kept chasing after the flag carrier. There were 3 people, 2 helping 1 carrying. I kept snaring him, and popping my defensive buffs whenever I could to slow him down.

    I finally got in front of the bastard and punted him 30 yards backwards… the opposite way he was trying to go. When I finally died my reinforcements had arrived and we made them drop the flag. I got many a tell of and /scenarios of “Damn Ironbreakers must be annoying to play against!”

    I like it that way. I won’t kill you more often than not, but I will make your life HELL.

    I’m sure I’m on a few peoples’ list. I know I can’t wait till I’m in T4 so I can hunt down Paincakes some more… still my favorite adversary from the early days in T1 before I rerolled.

  5. Paincakes needs to die just for the name alone….

    Sadly with my tired old eyes I rarely make out what the other dude’s name is. And if I happen to, with my tired old brain I rarely retain it.

  6. Hence the need for a list, Pete. You think I’d remember these people 5 minutes later if I didn’t write them down?

    It’s sort of a backhanded compliment. If you make me chew my desk in frustration during RvR or a scenario, then you’re doing something right (provided you’re not on MY side). I’ve had the impression I’ve caused that sort of frustration myself now and then, and to be singled out for hot revenge is oddly flattering.

    Of course, sometimes I’m just The Really Easy Kill(tm). /cry

    Mak… I don’t recall saying Assault was the way to go, but I may well have. I’m actually scout-specced on Ysh because standing at range and plinking squishies seems to be my most effective contribution to the team. However if anyone gets in close, to my mind assault is the only real choice (or skirmish — whatever ISN’T scout) since one doubles your armour and the other buffs your toughness.

    I don’t stance dance *all* the time with Ysh, but knowing when to do so ups your effectiveness as a SW, I reckon.

  7. I don’t have a shitlist of enemy players. I’d be trying to kill them anyway.

    I do keep a list of people who “need” non-class loot, or display other behaviour such that I don’t want to be stuck in a group with them again.

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