Not done with WAR

Apparently there is a lot of coy, slimy mock horror — hiding rather thinly-disguised schadenfreude in some cases I won’t bother to link to — at the fact that people are quitting WAR now that the free month is over.

This is news, how? It’s been a growing trend over the last half-decade and then some, ever since we started having more than 3 choices for online games. The more choice people have, the more they will exert that power. Just because I try out a Honda and then pick a Ford doesn’t mean Honda sucks or that they’re going down the pan. All it means is that I prefer that particular car. Please do not feel compelled to tell me why I should drive a Chevy, m’kay?

I tried WoW. I played it for about half a year and then came to the conclusion it wasn’t for me. Have I spent the last 4 years bashing people who stayed with it? I have not. I also played EQ2 for a while, not to mention SWG, EVE, LOTRO, Vanguard, and many others. Again, I haven’t felt compelled to say either that those games sucked (though some of them had some pretty severe issues), or that those who continued to play them were clearly oblivious of the sinking ship they were on. Amazingly enough, all those games are still here. Some may be limping a little, but… they’re not on the bottom of the MMO-ocean yet.

When I stop playing something, I don’t feel compelled to make everyone else stop too. Nor do I feel compelled to tell everyone else why their game sucks and their choices are piss-poor.

Seriously. It’s my subs money. Don’t tell me what to do with it, whether I should stay or go. Or if you do, do NOT expect me to dutifully do what you tell me to simply because you are oh-so-wise and I am oh-so-misguided.

I am not cancelling my WAR sub, and while you shouldn’t listen to anyone else, you certainly should listen to me. (Heavy irony tag, in case you missed it.)

Jebus. When did MMOs become the land of the goose-stepping automaton?

On a lighter note, come write a haiku. It doesn’t have to be about Warhammer — write about any game you like. Blogland is only doom and gloom when you let the miserable bastards have the last word.