I will kill you with feathers!

So apparently we’ll be getting at least two of the cut classes back Real Soon Now ™, one of which is the Knight of the Blazing Sun. Now, the most informative links I could find on a 10-second Google aren’t exactly recent, but I don’t think the art has changed much. And if it hasn’t, then I can see this move upping the Order tank factor by 1 while dropping Order’s cool factor by a further 7 or 8 at least. Seriously. The guy may be scowling in a really, really manly “killa bend-over and feel the love way”… but he’s wearing a feather duster. Kinky, yes. Scary? Not much.

Games Workshop, bet you never thought you’d see people prancing around ONLINE in those getups, eh? What works for a 2″ miniature is going to cause Destruction to die laughing. Just as long as they die, I suppose, right?

Compare to the Black Guard, whose model can already be seen in-game as NPCs. Just looking at him makes you bleed. One hug from this guy and you’ll think an iron maiden is cuddly and comfy.

Dark Elves, who were way too emo but still somehow sexy and cool, are now going to be TOUGH and sexy and cool.

It’s just not fair. Seriously Mythic, you need to find some way to convince the shallow, visuals-driven, male 15-25 average Joe gamer that Order is cool too. Order actually is cool, being a bunch of drunk, corrupted, self-mortifying, training-obsessed, friend-murdering, heretic-burning bigots in short, medium and tall sizes for all preferences… but coolness is nothing if nobody knows it.

Playing Order right now is like being female — you have to be twice as good as the competition for anyone to think you’re even half as useful. Pfft.

8 thoughts on “I will kill you with feathers!

  1. I guess the human knight of the blazing sun, just like the blackguard, already has its models ingame.
    All those plate-wearing humans you see throughout the human tiers are likely KotBS-models-to-be.

    Imo they look awesome, and I will definately switch to one as my main.
    As of the peacock-feathered helmets, I think it’s a recurring problem americans have historicly accurate/inspired looks.
    Crying about barbarians wearing skirts in AoC and feathered helmets (which you can turn off/invisible anyway) is pathetic. WAR is historically inspired and will stick with it. There are other MMOs that are manga and uninspired out there.

  2. You’re right, I saw some in High Pass yesterday. Their armour does look great… but I’m not a huge fan of the feathers. Art-wise, I don’t really like the High Elven conehead helms either, though they’ve been on the tabletop miniatures forever.

    As for being pathetic — I have an opinion, I express it. If it offended you, that’s your prerogative.

  3. Let’s not forget that turning off helms is far from optional right now. 😛 Every time I zone, enter a dungeon, or join a scenario, I have to click off my cloak so I don’t need to run around as Bat-hulk (fortunately my black orc helm looks cool, so I don’t need to turn it off). Hopefully the ever-reappearing hat/cloak bug will get weeded out in the next big patch. Or the one after that. Or after that…

  4. That seems to have been a tough one to nail down. I like my cloak, but I’m constantly turning of my SW’s conehead hat… Only to be told that sometimes it only affects what *I* see and that everyone else sees the conehead anyway. /forehead-desk

  5. @Ysharros
    Sorry for using pathetic, it was a bad choice of words. Probably some post-frustrative freudian slip 🙂 not aimed at you guys at all

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