We’re mildly miffed and we won’t take this anymore!

Averheim Order guilds are banding together to declare that we’re not going to be Destruction’s speedbumps as they roll past our corpses to Altdorf. Well, they may still do that, but at least there WILL be speedbumps.

We are Order, hear us roar!

There were rumblings of an attack on Altdorf on Tuesday, and I took Ysh (R20) over there to see if there was anything I could do. For one thing, T4 zones are pretty confusing if you’ve never seen them before, but the easy way to get to them is to head out of Altdorf’s southern gate. That’ll take you to Reikwald, which can in turn take you to Reikland. (I assume the similarity in names is a cunning attempt to confuse Destruction by the old WWII trick of moving road signposts around. It seems to also work on us, which might be a minor flaw in said cunning plan.)

However, and I say this for everyone else who’s been confused to hear that Altdorf is under attack — We’re all doomed — doooomed, I tell ye! — without knowing if there was anything at all they could do. There is. If nothing else, you can head to Reikwald or Reikland, depending where the fighting is, and man the battlements there. Granted, if you’re a tank that may not help a lot but I think *any* resistance is better than none, and although lower level chars won’t stop the opposition for long, they might buy a little time all the same. Besides, even R20s can man siege/defense weaponry and pour boiling oil onto those nasty nasty witch elves.

Once the Tuesday stuff moved to check on a couple of the other T4 keeps I got horribly lost. The pairing map seems to indicate that riding east out of BlackFire Pass would take me to Kadrin Valley and thence to Stonewatch (where a keep was apparently under attack), but instead I ended up in Black Crag, which had me all confused. In any case, Stonewatch was apparently safe and the “attack” (more like a foray, I think) on Altdorf fizzled out.

Still. We’re much too civilised to be mad as hell, but we are rather miffed that you, Destruction, thinks Altdorf is your pharming phat lewtz byotch, and we’re going to at least stand in your way looking really stern. You have been warned!

4 thoughts on “We’re mildly miffed and we won’t take this anymore!

  1. You love you some “Network”. Pete Trivia: Y’know that little hotel they ran off to in order to have their torrid affair? The Sea Spray Inn? In my misspent youth we used to hang out in the parking lot of that place, drinking the beers and boarding the skate…

    Anyway, if you ever figure out how to get to Stonewatch from Altdorf, PLEASE tell me… I am vexed that I could not find the way.

  2. “Network” is a classic! 10 years with a film student and all-round movie buff did a lot for my cinematic edumacation. 😀

  3. This is why I am starting to work on my warrior priest. I love being the underdog! Now I just have to get him back into the guild…

  4. Scary thing is, it seems like Order is doing this on Thorgrim too. The last two nights I’ve been out for Open RVR we actually met resistance at the hands of Order…. lots of Order.

    Props to Clan of Shadows and the others involved. You’re forcing us to organize and start thinking tactics which is making Open RVR fun. 🙂

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