The (MMO) world not upside-down; jolly good.

You know, if a largeish patch ever hit the deck without causing a subsequent hotfix, I think the sky would fall. It’s been an MMO-truism certainly since my Asheron’s Call days (with its monthly patches) that patchday is usually followed pretty quickly by hotfix hour(s). If it isn’t, then you can be sure something is dreadfully, horribly wrong and will lead to 3 days of downtime a few weeks later.

It’s nice to know I have some stability in my life!

Informational link thing: here or, in other words, the US/Oceania servers are down. Though if you’re coming here for information, my friend, you’re in the wrong place. Bookmark The Warhammer Herald instead!

/Tangent. Like everyone else, I’m wondering if WAR’s gold-selling banination figures are characters (which would be meaningless) or accounts (which is only slightly less meaningless). Gold selling is here and it’s probably here to stay, judging by its hydra-like ability to bounce back with MORE spam as soon as you start slapping the spammers. I rather suspect those who argue that games need models that eliminate the need for long-ground-out game money, or do an end-around and appropriate the model somehow, in order to eliminate the demand for said money, are right. Eliminate the demand and you’ll deal the supply a pretty sharp poke in the ‘nads, whereas the reverse doesn’t really seem to work.

Brief, but heartfelt

I would like, sweetly and with all due respect, to curse EQ and WoW to the bottom-most pit of MMO hell for creating, perpetuating and cementing the myth that “The game starts at {maxLevel}.”

Do I need to list, seriously, how stupid, inane, wasteful and downright enraging the attitude that engenders is? All right then.

  • People now treat all <max content as trivial. When the developers start doing it too, you’re really onto a winner!
  • People start expecting something akin to holy revelation at max level. In WoW, your holy revelation is a future of raiding and faction point farming. WTF did you expect? It’s what they advertise. If you don’t like it, you shouldn’t have freaking rushed to 60 70 80 now should you? Idiot.
  • It encourages content vultures. Since < max level is trivial, it should be devoured as fast as possible on the road up while at the same time bitching and moaning that nobody makes meaningful content anymore. Et tu, Eejit.
  • It encourages levelling vultures. Fortunately those usually leave the game for greener pastures once they max out in the first two weeks, then spend two weeks a) bragging about how they were the first to wipe their max-level backside and b) complaining how bored they are and how they have nobody to play with. Idiots. (At least they move on.)
  • And finally, it breeds contempt for the entirety of a game and its population. Not max level? Then you don’t matter. Something interesting somewhere that isn’t a max-level area? Can’t be important. What, you want to enjoy the journey as much as the destination? You stupid, deluded idiot. Oh wait, that would be me.

I am beyond tired of hearing that any real MMO only starts at the level cap. Scuse me, what the fuck have I been doing these last few years then, if not playing? The next time someone tells me nothing is meaningful until max, I am SERIOUSLY going to hunt them down and bite them on the leg until they get rabies. Then I’ll shoot them for having rabies.