Oh happy day

It’s a special day today so I don’t have to blog. I am adding this post merely to appease the couple of you who stop by slavering masses.

Well, and I have a question. WAR has had a “super-screenshot” feature ever since I’ve been in beta (ok, that was only a couple of months). I can’t seem to get it to work. Below, two screenshots of my ‘ard-arse Sister of Sigmar, Orlando. The first is a normal screenie, the second may or may not be a superscreenie. To me they look identical, so I’m leaning towards “may not be”. Friends, readers, blogeymen, lend me your eyes!

Second question: seafood place or steakhouse tonight? This is an important decision.

I actually do have stuff I want to post about but I shouldn’t have to today, *and* I’ve planned an all day play-till-you-drop-apalooza which means, karma pixies being what they are, that I probably won’t get to play at all. Stupid karma pixies.

Later edit. I shouldn’t have mentioned the karma pixies, they got me good and proper. Not only did I not get to play much, I don’t get to go out to dinner tonight and the day has, for various reasons not ENTIRELY due to turning *shudder* 40, been pretty shitty. Eh well, stuff happens. On the upside I think it means I get to go out for late bday lunch tomorrow AND late bday dinner some other time, with various fambly & friends who couldn’t make it today or tomorrow. Two for the price of one ain’t so bad, I guess.

Oh hey and look, I’m in print. Well, on a website. Well, on a website that isn’t mine. Oh hell, just click the link already.

15 thoughts on “Oh happy day

  1. Gotta be the seafood – I always hit the seafood if the option’s there, mainly because Neil loathes the stuff and I don’t get to eat it at home normally.

  2. Happy Birthday…and go Mexican! If it burns going in and it burns going out you know you’re alive 🙂

  3. Happy Birthday, Ysh!!!


    Check the sizes on your screenshots. I’ve found that my “Super Screenshots” tend to be bigger files but I can never really see any difference. LOL

  4. Two birthdays? To quote Miranda Richardson in Blackadder II: “Who’s Queen?” 🙂

  5. Late Happy Birthday, El! (I mean Ysh…ok, I’m not sure what to call you). Sometimes it’s better to have multiple celebrations. Enjoy!

    As one who’s not had time to play more than one MMO and not ready to give up on the game to not be named, I’ve really enjoyed keeping up with your blog. Thanks!

  6. Happy belated Birthday, Ysh!!! You don’t look a day over…um…how long have you been playing MMOs? I’ll have to do the math. Hmmmm.

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