The blogging habit

I actually made myself NOT write a post this morning, so that I wouldn’t get jaded, get expectations up, run out of things to say, have a day off, all that stuff.

Now I get told off! There ain’t no pleasin’ this crowd!  Go read Syp or something, he posts more than the rest of us put together! Good stuff, too. (I still think there are in fact 10 Syplets inside one giant Syp suit, and that’s how he’s able to come up with so much stuff to write. If you have proof, please mail me.) Next thing you’ll be wanting me to sing and dance too.

Good thing I have a day job. Oh, wait…

Here, have a picture for lagniappe (and padding):

4 thoughts on “The blogging habit

  1. I thought you were a Brit, not a Cajun!

    Anyway, we don’t want no Syp stuff… we want this singing and dancing you’ve now promised!

  2. You sing and dance too? Arg! I have a hard time just blogging and playing. You all put me to shame with your awesome talents! 🙂

  3. Technically she’s not even a Brit but a multi-cultural Euro import. Still, we loves her so she can be a Brit in my book.

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