Phear mah skilz part the second

Have you ever had one of those gaming days where you feel like you have run all around the game world at least 6 times and achieved nothing at all of substance? I had one of those days yesterday, except I achieved quite a lot, so I’m not sure what the disconnect was.

I *did* run around the world 6 times, flew around it a further 9 times, and I hate the Marshes of Madness even before I’m of a level to get lost in them (having already got lost in them). I also played at least 137 scenarios, most of which were Mourkain Temple, did and turned in a bunch’o’quests, upgraded my gear (amazing what a pointy new sword & bow can do for SW survivability!), screamed with laughter at my utterly insane guildies in Vent and on guild chat, and got 2 more levels as well as a couple of realm ranks. Ysh is now R16/RR12 or so. Yay me.

I think the disconnect came from being plucked from the world and what I was doing therein whenever a scenario popped, which was often, and then dropped back into the world after them. Every time I felt like Jane Fonda waking up in The Morning After — where am I? who am I? why does this troll have a kitchen knife in its chest? why am I in bed with a troll?!

I may start limiting myself to 1 or 2 scenarios an hour on days when I also want to get other stuff done, or want to just stand around for a bit admiring the warts on the trolls. On the bright side, I’m Order (see what I did there?), so scenarios pop and they pop often. I have the luxury of saying “Not tonight, Josephine.”

Speaking of Mourkain Temple, you need to read this. It is funny. Who knows, it may teach you something.

5 thoughts on “Phear mah skilz part the second

  1. Great. You’re almost caught up with me. I’m going to have to bust some ass the next couple days.

    Remember. Kill the dude with the thing.

    Oh, and Iinked you on my blahg finally. šŸ™‚

  2. Wow! You have been moving up pretty darn fast! I will have to get out Lexia the next time I see you on Ysh and try to keep you up through the madness šŸ˜‰

  3. Hey, remember the old days when Ysh used to post on her blog??

    I miss those days… I keep checking my feed again and again… and no posts. *sigh*

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