‘Sploiters, you suck.

That is all.

This is me, so it’s not all, but this may be short and sweet (for me). It seems that various people on various servers in WAR are exploiting whatever the hell they’re exploiting in order to short-cut to Capital City sieges. It’s only Destro right now but that is equally only because they have the numbers; if Order were ahead on population you can be damned sure someone would have done the same and be gunning for the Inevitable City.

Newsflash: if you cheat to win you’re not a winner, you’re a cheating bastard.

The thing I hate most about sploiters is that the measures put in place to stop them usually hurt honest players far more than the sploiters, who just find another loophole and go on their merry way. No, wait. The thing I hate most about sploiters is that I just plain don’t understand the mentality. What is it? A desperate search for validation and attention by any means available? Is it *that* important to be the first Foozle-MegaKiller that you’ll lose all sleep, step on people, and break any rule you find to do it? Ah, hold on. The thing I hate most about sploiters … I really must stop channeling Michael Palin.

I just don’t get it.

In any case, Capital City sieges will not register for me until they’re done honestly.

3 thoughts on “‘Sploiters, you suck.

  1. I’m wondering if there is a warping exploit out there? Numerous times lately, I’ve had Order players warp out of reach.

    This isn’t running out of reach. One second they are right in front of me and I’m stabbing them, the next second they’re out of range by a good 10-20 feet.

    It also isn’t me lagging because everyone else is about where they were. If I was lagging, I’d expect more characters on screen to suddenly jump, but it’s only been my target.

    I also don’t believe it is a class ability because I’ve seen Rune Priests, Shadow Warriors, Witch Hunters, Iron Breakers, Sword Masters and White Lions all do it.

    Either way… it sucks… bad.

    (Really, I end up getting them anyway but still sort of shitty…)

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