WAR Game Update 1.01…

… and much chatting goodness ensued.

It’s not all blathering roses. The timestamps disappear when you zone, it seems, and have to be toggled off and back on. There may be other minor weirdnesses. HOWEVER….

Chat scrolls! (Cue heavenly light and choirs of angels, that’s how much this means to me.) It scrolls marvellously, reliably, and whenever something happens that should make it scroll. Chat text doesn’t break up over several silly, non-scrolling lines. Or at least, none of those things that bother me beyond all reason happened in the few hours I played this afternoon.

Properly scrolling chat text is win. I’d have Mythic’s babies if I hadn’t already got other ovarian plans.

Also, the whole chat window is somehow more responsive and crisper. Maybe that was just my state of heightened happiness, but I do think they somehow cleaned it up. Lovely job.

Oh yeah, and they made some other changes, I guess. The patch notes are here, as if you hadn’t already found that link on 12 million other blogs. And if you hadn’t seen them yet, what rock are you hiding under? Got a spare room?

Oh, how time flies

Two weeks and change already since the SE headstart for WAR. Golly.

In no particular order, and because I’m not awake enough to be my usual incisive, precise, concise and brief self ( — what?), I have:

  • learned to embrace my inner Rambo. Someone pass me a headband, stat!
  • learned that Florence Healingale can also SMITE. Foolish kin
  • unlocked tome entries
  • done really silly things that should have unlocked tome entries but didn’t, dammit
  • discovered that there are more seeds in WAR than even Capability Brown would know what to do with
  • made potions, chugged potions, and skinned dryads for their, er, potiony bits
  • learned to love scavenging and not worry about how it looks when a delicate high elf pulls the ears off one of her fellows. “It makes potions, you know.”
  • wished that high elves could have eye patches
  • accepted that I am an underachiever where levels are concerned
  • become sick to death of Amariel’s undyeable blue robe. It’s a good robe, but…
  • reinforced my status as knower of irrelevant things. I don’t know about Mungurd Dungeon, but I do know where Mung the Half-Crazed Hermit can be found.
  • rampaged through scenarios I know. RAWR.
  • endured scenarios I don’t know, until I do know them and can rampage through them
  • wondered why those who are clearly determined to dislike something continue to try it. I don’t like fennel, and no matter how many times I force myself to eat it, I’m always going to blog about how it sucks. However, as an excuse for blog articles, it gets pretty damn stale pretty damn quick. Find something you enjoy and blog that. Srsly.

I did some work and slept and had a cold and ate and stuff, but nobody cares about that. Also, I promise never again to write about anything but WAR, judging by the tumbleweeds blowing through the non-WAR entries. Actually, I’ll write about whatever I damn well please, but I promise I won’t cry if you don’t read it.