When will I, will I be famous?

I don’t really want fame – I just like using old Bros lyrics for titles.* Fame is one of those things I always thought one wants until one actually has it, when it becomes a royal pain in the ass. Not a view shared by Paris Hilton and all the other famous for being famous people, but they can have it.

Still, 250 (+4, stupid round number breakers!) people stopped by yesterday. 249 of them might have been bots, but it’s nice all the same. Thanks for the mentions elsewhere, thanks for the visits. It’s strangely fun watching the little graph mountain-range creep up.

Here you are now. I hope I can entertain you.


* I never promised you a meaningful or quality musical education.

2 thoughts on “When will I, will I be famous?

  1. It’s because of the trackback from my blog. My three viewers, crap, two viewers (can’t count you) probably popped over here to see what you’re about.


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