Blogroll and pot roast

On the off-chance you read this and on the even slimmer off-chance I haven’t already got you on my blogroll, throw a comment down here and I’ll do the necessary. And add you to my reader feed, which is much more important.

In other news, I am making pot roast. 4 hours of cooking to go and I am resisting throwing my face into it NOW. Especially since it would probably melt my face rather than satisfy my hunger.

That is all.

8 thoughts on “Blogroll and pot roast

  1. I, of course, read the title of your post as “Bogroll and Pot Roast”, which would have been an entirely different topic entirely.

    I found brisket of beef goes really well in a slow cooker with a splosh (technical cooking term) of red wine in the bottom for moisture. The wine + meat juice combo makes scrummy gravy too.

  2. I’ve moved to wordpress.

    I actually blame you. I’d been wanting to comment on various WordPress blogger accounts for awhile but couldn’t bother to create an account (they require WordPress accounts to post).

    I finally created one to post here (I must have had a lot of caffeine that day) and took a look at the WordPress layouts and blogging tools. I was impressed and fiddled a little more then jumped over.

  3. I didn’t realise wordpress was so pissy about people commenting. That doesn’t seem right. When places require me to have an account to do even minor interactions, I usually don’t bother. Bah. But — updated!

  4. I think it’s a setting you can turn on or off somewhere. I think I saw it once, but in the long run it can save you from the spammers… maybe.

  5. I’m an on and off reader – don’t usually post because WordPress is ridiculous and requires me to log in to post and, as my blog is on Blogger, I don’t usually log into WordPress.

    Anyway, my link is if you’re interested.

  6. Fer sure, as they say here. I had no idea you had to have a wordpress account — oh wait, yes I did, I got one ages ago so I could comment on The Grouchy Gamer. I guess since that was the only one I read for a long time, I never really noticed.

    I definitely need to look into this comments stuff. I can’t stand the idea of folks having to register just so they can heckle. 😀

    EDIT — ok well, that was an easy setting to change. I guess we’ll see. If I get drowned in vitriol or enhancements to the thingy I haven’t got, I’ll turn the guard-dog back on.

  7. can be set to various different settings for commenting. I have a basic rule that if you have left a comment before that I have accepted as not spam then you will be recognised next time you leave a comment.

    I personally find leaving comments on blogger accounts to be more annoying on occassion.

  8. Yeah, I’m not a huge fan of the popup comments window for Blogger, but it works more or less. Hopefully folks will have an easier time here now too.

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