Thing that make you go oooo

For my money, you can’t beat a good sky for adding atmosphere and immersion to a game. I don’t know why, but I like sky. LOTRO’s skies were marvellous, except that the clouds all moved round and round the horizon, which once I’d noticed it I found difficult to ignore. Still, they were probably the best I’ve seen so far.

WAR’s skies aren’t bad either though. Here’s a couple of screenies I took today. Forgive the lack of antialiasing — never mind the jaggies, look at those colours! One is the Blighted Isle, and the other is the Nordland starting area. Turner would be proud.

1 thought on “Thing that make you go oooo

  1. Funny you mention atmosphere. I like it when there are appropriate atmospheric effects, like smart lighting, fog effects, and, yes, great clouds. Good reflections and water also go a long way in selling a setting to me. Good color schemes are vital as well; oversaturation or too-high or too-low contrast are bad on the old eyes.

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