(WAR) Not a bad first day

Like the title says. Got some characters made, though with my raging altoholism it’s a mere fraction of the legion I shall someday have. Got a good deal of playtime in too, thanks to being on CoW’s Order server and not the already-oversubscribed Destruction server. We even managed to hop over and help create the Destruction-Knights Who Say Ni guild on Drifting Castle (iirc), so if you’re ever over there, remember to Ni! them soundly. Handing them shrubberies is optional.

Did the doorman thing many times, and I believe we’re already over 100 strong in the Casualties ward over on Averheim, though probably a third or more of those are alts; still, I’d guess at least 50 are individual accounts, which is very neat. It’s been a long time since I’ve been happy about being part of a guild that large, but so far it’s been quite an adventure.

Now, however, I have to give in and admit that I’m knackered. We didn’t sleep well last night, what with waking up almost every hour in a juvenile “Has it started yet?” spasm, and the start of ragweed season here in northern TX has me snorting, snuffling and otherwise wanting to beat my sinuses out with a hammer. It is, therefore, bedtime for Bonzo, and me too.

Makkaio mentioned live blogging for WAR; I’m in two minds about that still, because often for me the act of committing to doing something ends up making me want to avoid it; I’ll let you draw your own cheap psychological inferences. It’s not like I won’t be writing about my Warhammer experiences anyway; I’m just not sure I want to write about every last nosewipe.

That said, I did nosewipe several DoKs today in scenarios, along with their little witchy sistren, one of whom appeared to make it her personal mission to kill me over and over. I’m glad to say she only managed it twice, and I repaid her in spades. She has the dubious honour of being the first name on my Warhammer RvR Shit List ™; I look forward to many more encounters as the months wear on. Besides, she stole one of my names, the little skank. (Yeah, a really common name, so I’m stretching the point, but it makes for better smack talk.)

And so good night.

4 thoughts on “(WAR) Not a bad first day

  1. If you can find it over The Pond, try health food/online stores for Butterbur as an alternative to anti-histamines. In most cases it works as well as anti-histamine but doesn’t have the usual side effects of drowsiness, which means more time WARring!

  2. Mouahaha… I’m having way too much fun as a Witch Elf. Archmagi, Shadow Warriors, Blade Masters… they all fell to my twin blades. I can’t wait for my morale ability and stealth. Mouahahaa.

    I was also having a blast playing as the Bright Wizard for a bit too, though they’re a lot more squishy than the Witch Elf.

  3. I spent some time trying to pick a dwarf class. I want one of every ‘pairing’ but I normally am not a dwarf kind of guy. So far I think I’m leaning towards the Engineer.

    Once I pick one I’ll be screaming for an alt invite. I should probably try to get my main over 7 first, though. I spend too much time dinking around… πŸ™‚

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