Nothing to see here, move along

I’m going to post this now even though I’m likely to jinx myself.*

Wake up at crack of dawn tomorrow, start ingesting crack of WAR. I don’t think I’m dedicated enough to my readership (you’re probably all family anyway) to stop and blog about it, so don’t expect any content other than WTFOMG it’s here!!!11oneone! I can make a real char that won’t be deleted!! What is this thing you call biological functions? Food is for the weak! And of course, the age-old What bastard stole my names????

See you in a few days when I pass out from my WARcrack overdose (well, when I wake up from passing out from my, etc etc). And I don’t mean World of Warcrack. I mean WARCRACK online! Waaagh!

That is all.

* So now you know. If the SE preorder headstart was delayed, it’s my fault. I’m the kiss of death.

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