Well, not really, but I got ya didn’t I?

Seems Casualties of WAR keep picking the same servers as another guild, whom I shall call Moon Pod to protect the innocent (and not give those asshats traffic). While I can entertain the possibility that some of these Moon Pods might be perfectly nice people, that notion contradicts every encounter I’ve ever had in any game with a collection of pixels wearing that tag. I think I’d rather get warts than be on the same server as that lot.

So far, CoW-Order have made 3 server calls, with half the guild watching breathlessly so they can start in the right place today. The password, by the way, is asparagus. (No it’s not. If you’re a CoW, go check the boards already.)

4 thoughts on “Stalked!

  1. Ha!

    I2I guild has little of those difficulties in chosing a server – asparagus hmmm had some in a risotto last night, damn fine it was too!

    btw I have moved – Sweet Flag is closed for business.

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