Shouldn’t the only way be up?

In the last week, or whatever it’s been, while my enthusiasm for WAR has remained high, my general tolerance for this end of beta phase has gone down about as far as it can. Every patch which will supposedly “be worth the wait” breaks something else. Options which should remain checked when you check em uncheck themselves every time you log out. UI elements go missing from one patch to another. Performance has gone steadily downhill; sure, I don’t CTD much, but I’m having trouble moving around even on fastest framerate settings when a few weeks back, even with a full screen, I was fine on medium or high. Granted they’ve been adding a lot of stuff — my question is, is it GOOD stuff?

Not impressed. And really out of patience with the beta tease. It may not be Mythic’s fault, but I will be glad when this Beta Madness is over. Tomorrow, hopefully. Then only launch madness and maybe things can settle down.

A last but not least thought for those in the path of Ike, which is set to hit pretty soon. Be careful out there.