Server shenanigans

Folks all over the Blogspace, and elsewhere I’m sure, are wondering how the apparently staggered release of servers is going to work in the first week or two of WAR. I could throw in some links, but you could just scroll up and down your RSS-feed entries or, if you’re actually here, click on a random blogroll entry. Chances are you’ll see a post about server choices.

Back in 2004 when KSWN picked Icecrown for WoW, we ended up with just this kind of decision. Icecrown soon became known as Icedown and along with a handful of other servers, suffered all the tribulations everyone else did and then some, just for added buggy fun. We considered moving, but really, once a guild hits a certain size it becomes almost impossible to do without enormous amounts of effort and usually hassle.

Looks like CoW are just going to pick one Core-ruleset server for each side of the guild, Order and Destruction, and we’ll ride out whatever happens. It won’t please everyone but you never can do that anyway, especially not if you want to stay sane and prevent guild management from becoming a second (or third) job.

No, there’s no real point to this post. If you read this far, I’ll give you your money back. I’m just hoping the WAR launch is smoother than the WoW one was — which almost nobody seems to remember for the steaming heap of downtime, lag and ocean deaths it was — and that nobody has to consider a server move with a guild of more than about 5 people.

All you medium and large guilds out there — good luck.