The waiting is killing me!

Well ok, it isn’t, but I am SO pumped up for the release of WAR (on whichever bloody day) it’s unreal. I don’t think I’ve been that excited since WoW, and sadly WoW didn’t hold me.

Now that I think about it, I wasn’t even much excited for the Vanguard release, despite the gargantuan amounts of enthusiasm I’d poured into it in and before beta, because well before launch it was already painfully obvious what Vanguard was, and what it wasn’t. Shame that. Water under the bridge, too, and I hope GU6 works out well for them.

I’m not going to list the whys and wherefores, partly because I already did and partly because ultimately, you can get all excited about a heap of crap as easily as you can rave over the next best thing since sliced bread. Excitement isn’t really all that objective. But maybe this time around I’m getting all excited in a calmer, more mature kind of way. (Just ignore the squeals and hyperventilation, it’s not me, really.) WAR has flaws but unlike Vanguard I’m not having to play despite the flaws, around the flaws, or in the hopes that some of the cool stuff I was hoping for – and in some cases damn near promised – will eventually be added in. WAR is stable (for me). WAR is good.

And the community feeling I haven’t really experienced to any great degree in my last 3-4 years of solitary/duo gaming is back! I didn’t even realise I’d missed it much till I turned to the hubby last night and said “You know, I haven’t had this much fun in a group since we used to mosh around* in Asheron’s Call.”

I don’t care where the fault lies for jadedness and tired dreams, I don’t care what the reasons are — I’m just looking forward to moshing around with in-game friends again, and maybe making some NEW friends I’ll still know 9 years down the line, as I did in Asheron’s Call.

Are we there yet?

* Moshing is not raiding. It is not anything in particular and usually doesn’t involve much of definite goal. In AC it used to involve running about the countryside to various locations various people wanted to see, or needed to “do” to get items, or whatever. It always involved a lot of getting lost, a fair bit of dying, and the occasional 8-hour domino-effect corpse run. Fun times.