Great. Just great.

Not impressed.

From the preorder info page

“Pre-order customers will be able to log into the game starting September 16th at 7am EDT. Characters created in the Head Start program will carry over when the servers officially go live on the Day of Reckoning – September 18th. Use your OPEN BETA pre-order code to download the client from”

I realise nobody ever officially said it would be the 15th, but this means that all my CE buddies will either be way ahead or will have to wait. I also find 48 hours for the preorder to be a bit fecking paltry, in my not particularly humble opinion.

It’s not the end of the world, but it’s pretty MEH.

2 thoughts on “Great. Just great.

  1. At least it is something because you’d otherwise have to start on the 18th with all the other folks. Actually, when does the game actually hit the shelves? A couple of days after in some places.

    All in all, it’s not that bad and you can probably catch up since you “work” out of your home. 😛

  2. Oh aye. It’s not really the being behind that bothers me — it’s a game, and besides R5, R9, who cares. I was just venting.

    I think what I was most annoyed about was for having let myself make assumptions about a game again. Don’t take anything for read unless it’s written in blood, and I should have known better. 😉

    Any more of those ironic quotation marks, sir, and I’ll have to smack *you* in dahed! You’re just jealous.

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