All I ever wanted

Was my “Validated” title from Mythic, for … validating my email with them.

A bunch o blogs & other sites have mentioned this in the last few days, to name but a few, but it seems many may have missed the essential irony. That or I should stop skimming my RSS reader entries.*

To me, titles and some folks’ apparent dependence on them have always seemed faintly amusing. I don’t need a long string over my head to remind me of who I am, what I’ve done, and what I mean to other people (good and bad). In other words, I don’t need the validation.** Or so I like to tell myself.

And yet, Baaaa-aaa-aaa, there I went, off to validate my email, myself, and my standing in the v-world. Now I have a shiny title I can apply to show how little I need validation, because *I* of course am only using the title to show how little I need it. I guess I’ll just have to hope the irony comes through really clearly, pixel-to-pixel, on other people’s screens.

It’s not deep irony, but it is amusing.

For homework, consider blogging and validation. I’m trying not to.

*it’s all your fault you damned bloggers, I have more to read than even someone as idly poor as I am can keep up with!

** Yes yes, I’m aware there are plenty of other reasons for wanting titles, and even that wanting them for the sake of validation is a) none of my business and b) fine, but I’ve been told that to be a real blogger I have to come up with strong pronouncements, ideally the more intolerant the better, so I’m trying.

5 thoughts on “All I ever wanted

  1. people have told you secrets to being a goid blogger? Bastards *shakes fist*, they have kept me out of their secret world! I will find The Book of Secrets! V-is for Validated.

  2. They also told me responding to comments is really needy and shows a disturbing lack of blogging nonchalance. Much yet to learn have I.

  3. Ahh! I get it! Act poshy and don’t rub noses with commenters. I do like to stick my pinky finger out and drink red, red wine from the worlds best winneries. I should start wearing fur coats from white lions and turn my blogging nose to the roof. How bout this… You ask me question on my blog and I will answer it on your blog so it doesn’t look needy? I did read blogging for dummies while I was in the bathroom but I never listened to what I should do. Maybe that is why I am under 5k a day. And the club doors slam in my face. Thanks for replying on my blog!

  4. Clearly.

    Bah, titles lose their value when everyone has them. Umm, okay, so EVERYTHING loses value when everyone has one… but still. 😛

  5. Not noses. I’m glad I have my nose!
    Interestingly I’ve never been one of those people in games who think if everyone else has [Insert Item], the one I have is thereby cheapened — but as I’ve said elsewhere I am at most about 5% item motivated, which is why so much of WoW just wasn’t for me.

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