(WAR) Update on the update of preview weekend + Headstart

For the few who may read this and not the rest of the tom-tom WARinfo relay (sometimes carried by Mooing):

Update of update, Warhammer Alliance forums

I’m very impressed by the level of communication. Long may it continue. Yay communication!

Edit — and, just to spread the meme a little more, headstart info.

I’m really rather puzzled as to why this hasn’t appeared on the Mythic-US site, but what do I know. Boo communication!

4 thoughts on “(WAR) Update on the update of preview weekend + Headstart

  1. Very cool!

    That blurring texture issue was something that pained me.

    I’m also hoping the updates to ATI drivers and DirectX I did today work out for WAR, they appear to work for EQ2 so far.

  2. That blurring thing made me wonder if it was my eyes or their textures, hah. I didn’t buy a kick-ass 28″ monitor to see blur, goddammit! 😀

  3. I never saw any blurring but the Mob pathing was really broke. UI response time I thought was fine but I am not so hung up on how fast “it should be”. Even with the mobs running around like they needed to take a dookie before battle, WAR was still awesome and I can’t wait till Headstart.

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