WAR: Five Things You Need To Know About Warhammer Online | Ten Ton Hammer

WAR: Five Things You Need To Know About Warhammer Online | Ten Ton Hammer.

It’s taken me almost a week to come across this, for which I mostly blame the preview weekend. Given the sharp drop in new stuff on my GoogleReader, it seems I wasn’t the only one to decide that playing >>> blogging.

Week-old news or no, that article neatly encapsulates WAR in 500 words or less. It’s not groundbreaking graphics or PvE play, or even player-versus-player play, but it’s managed to polish up and add some really fun twists to all the old mechanics. I’m starting to be a serious RvR-liker; doubt I’ll ever be an addict, but rule #8 of MMOs is never say never, so who knows.

There are still some technical issues to be worked out for launch, but I’m not too worried. My unexceptional system runs the game pretty well even in busy RvR, with little to no crashing (others have been seeing much more of it, so there’s still some work to be done there by Mythic). I also miss the lack of “fluff” (other than dyes) — housing, clothing that isn’t exactly the same as what everyone else in your class is wearing, char customisation options that actually mean something visually, other than long/short hair, decent crafting, being able to sit, having places to gather that aren’t warcamps and whatnot — but I can see how, at least to begin with, all those things detract from the grim “This is war, dammit!” feel the game is aiming for. Maybe we’ll see some of it creep in later on.

My biggest problem is going to be characters. Not how many to make, because I’m a total altoholic, but rather which to play. I haven’t found a single career yet that isn’t fun, on either side, even classes I don’t usually play in other games. The only distinction is some are more fun than others for my playstyle, but even that doesn’t narrow the choices down enough. Decisions, decisions!

Edit – while I’m at it, I may as well plug the new TTH-WAR comic strip!