Beta fatigue

Others have been thinking and talking about beta fatigue or beta burnout too, though at this stage in WAR’s development such synchronicity isn’t really surprising. I think what I find most wearying right now is the NDA, oddly: there’s so much to talk about, so many questions we’d like to answer, and so many experiences to share… but we can’t. Yet.

Coupled with the inevitable “playing in a vacuum” feeling I get in the late stages of beta, when you know your chars won’t last much longer so you try not to get too attached, but you’re enjoying the game so much it’s hard NOT to get attached — it creates a sort of malaise which, at least for me, will be vastly reduced when I’m able to share some of my experiences with others.

Fortunately it won’t be long now before the NDA is lifted. And on the bright side, it’s a fatigue induced by too much goodness, rather like a birthday party that goes on just a little too long when you’re 8 or 9.