Yikes. It’s going to take forever to add all these blogs to the roll! On the other hand, it’ll give you, dear Reader, something much more fleshed out and interesting to navigate to from here. After all, these are the people who are building the pool I’m dipping my toe into, or some such tortured metaphor.

Meantime, if you should stumble here and you’re on the CoW blogroll and not on this one, panic not. I’m just being lazy about adding them. More to the point, I end up spending 20+ minutes reading each of them, which is chewing up great chunks of my morning that I could be spending beta-testing. Aren’t you ashamed of being so readable?

2 thoughts on “+Blogroll

  1. Thanks for the link to the CoW blogroll. I think I have everyone added over at Dragonchasers, including you (you gotta get on the list)!

  2. Noooo, don’t want to be on a list yet. Too much pressure when I’m not sure I’ll have enough to say. Scratch that – enough interesting to say. Give me a few weeks. 😉

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