I’ve just rediscovered that trying to work while sick is a pain in the noggin. My brain feels like it’s made of blancmange and the simplest, most obvious things… aren’t. That’s probably about a dozen noobish work-mistakes I’ve made just this morning.


And sniffle.

In other news, I may have to move this blog and host it myself so I can integrate some kind of comment-captcha system. The spamapalooza of pron sites (I can recommend a few now, that’s for sure) continues unabated and now they’ve found my more recent posts, so I can’t simply turn comments off and hope they will eventually give up. I actually thought they had given up, but I guess even spammers take the weekend off.

Bastards. I hateses them!

Right now, however, the thought of trying to do a WP install with my blancmange-brain is just daunting. I’ll put it off and keep hitting the Empty All on my spam-bucket button.