Ye Olde Pluggage

Yes, pluggage that has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I’m participating in both (at least, hopefully!).

Bright Hub – especially, of course, the MMO section. Muckbeast is responsible for that section, and I know many people who visit here also read his very interesting stuff.  My only quibble with the site right now is that it’s very slow to load for me (okay, and I am insanely impatient with pages that don’t load in under 0.0002 seconds), but I get the impression the hamsters are paddling madly to fix that.

Grinding to Valhalla – who blogs, why we blog, what we’re like under the Internet disguise, and who among us talks WAY too much. (No, you don’t win a toaster for getting that one right.)

As regards the latter, note that the “investigation” and invitation to bare your soul seems to be open to bloggers in general, though you may want to drop the author a line just to check — but the “About” page seems pretty open.

See, read, participate!

EDIT – in other news, my feed reader just hit 115 entries. How heavy is yours? And, do you know something that will sycnh my blogroll and my reader while I have Beulah peel me a grape?

I’d like a scoop of vanilla with my existential musings

In one of those hive-mind collective blog-unconscious gestalt events, several bloggers I know, love and read have been pondering their place in the blogging-verse. Why did we start writing? Are we still writing for those reasons now? What if we want to change focus, or write nothing at all for a while? Will there be packs of angry readers buring laptops on our lawn?

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More foofery

Nothing very meaty today, sorry — yesterday’s screaming migraine is still trying to come back and I’ve got no head-space for much of anything.

Finally got around to reorganising the blogroll properly, having taken a mere 6 months to realise that I could use categories other than “Blogroll” to subdivide the various blogs here. Duh!

So, if you’re on there but feel you’re in the wrong category, or if you’re not on there and think you should be, the usual — comment or mail me, ysharros -at- gmail dot com. Welcome to the various new (mostly Age of Blogging-inspired WAR blogs) entries, and sniffly goodbyes to the few that I dropped for lack of activity. There are a couple of technically-defunct blogs still on there because they were fine, fine blogs — I’ll remove them someday. Maybe.

Oh boy oh boy! Two is better than one.

According to Feedburner I now have two subscribers. I think I know who you are and I love you both. If I’m wrong about who you are, I love you in a purely platonic, non-legally actionable way. Actually, ditto even if I do know you; I don’t want knives thrown at me by irate SOs.

Thanks also to DMOsbon who kindly and without ever saying “you silly pranny” showed me how to click on a Feedburner option I had somehow entirely failed to see. I’m smert, me.

Apparently I also have one “reach.” Dunno about you, but that sounds vaguely rude! You know, like the old joke about the nuns and the flasher – one had a stroke, the other couldn’t reach. (BOOM-tish!)

EDIT – I still don’t quite understand what readers are, since I’m getting a damn sight more than 2 hits a day. Help me Lazyweb, you’re my only hope for explanations!