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Haiku Sunday, March 15 2009

In honour of Pi Day past and St. Patrick’s Day to come, today’s theme is overindulgence.

Head pounds like a drum
My tummy is singing the
Morning after blues

Another not-exactly orthodox haiku, but too bad. As Mrs Parker said, “You can’t teach an old dogma new tricks.”

Haiku Sunday, March 8 2009

Eyes like two boiled eggs
A gorilla styled my hair
It’s been a long week


Work has me well and truly by the throat. Postings will resume when I have the time to think about anything other than how to translate “arbitrage” into French.

Haiku Sunday, March 1st 2009

haikumarch1_2009In honour of my mother’s birthday yesterday, today’s theme is family. Yes, even dysfunctional ones. ;)

You cannot choose them
Yet what pain, when you lose them
A tear in the heart

I don’t see them much
Separated by oceans
Still, they are with me.

These aren’t directly about Mum — the first had my grandad suddenly pop into my head, as he tends to do (he died a few months ago). The second is mostly about my sibs, and about my life within an “exploded” country- and continent-spanning family. It may seem tough from the outside, but it’s what I’m used to. You don’t need to be in someone’s pocket to be close to them.

Ah, maudlin and fuzzy. Just like me, having woken up not long ago. Please, come and improve on my efforts!

(Standard haiku measure is 5 syllables / 7 syllables / 5 syllables, for those unfamiliar. One principle is to move from the specific (e.g. a flower) to the more generally meaningful (e.g. the impermanence of life) through some reference to nature; there are many other underlying principles for a “proper” haiku and I have yet to live up to any of them, partly because I can’t write in Japanese — but just trying to fit a decently interesting idea into the 5-7-5 metre can be a challenge in itself. Have a go!)

Haiku Sunday – February 15, 2009

imagesToday’s theme: include the name of your first pet. If you’ve never had a pet, I guess you’re off the hook!

Green like a kiwi
The first leaves are poking through
Winter’s too short here

(Yes, he was called Kiwi and he was a cat. Don’t ask.)

Haiku Sunday – February 1, 2009

haiku-feb-1Did you know this axe
Can slice your head clean off, yep –
Feel lucky, carebear?

* * * (Theme is hardcore v casual, if you want to use it.)

Your turn

(Edit – for those who aren’t sure, the basic Haiku form is 5, 7, 5 syllables. There’s much more to it in terms of the relationship between the lines and what the final line says, but this is Haiku 99, not even 100 or 101, so write what you please. You can also play with the syllable arrangement somewhat (7, 5, 5) but not too much, and the total number is fairly immutable. Try it, it’s easier than you think. The hard part is doing it well, Grasshopper.)

Haiku Sunday, January 25th

haikuplattersrepimageWent to bed real late –
Woke up with a start, jumped up!
Thank God it’s Sunday.

… It is Sunday, right?

Basenji blanket heap
Nose poking into cold
He prefers the heat

(Non-standard 5-7-5 but we’re not dogmatic here. (See what I did there?))

In other news, I’m going to be on the prowl for another theme here soon. This one is ridiculously limted in terms of font options. I gather most of the non-self-hosted ones will be, but this is plain silly. So if you visit in person and things are … variable … for a few days, you’ll know why. If you get this through a reader, you’ll never notice.

2009 – Sunday is Haiku Day!

crimsonkingLet’s see if we can keep this up for more than a week, eh? I’ll probably have forgotten all about this by… oh, tonight. I need them to get cracking on those in-yer-brain PDA implants, since I keep forgetting where I put my little reminder papers.

So, yes. Haiku Sunday, and today’s theme is…. (hunts for inspiration)…..(searches in bottom of coffee mug)…. socks!

Do not mock the sock
It’s the ghost in the machine
The washing machine

Give me a break, ok? It’s 7:30 AM here and I’ve only had one cup of coffee. (Note to self, wait for second cup consumption before posting.)


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