I scratch your blog, you scratch mine

A little while back I wrote about Flattr, and if you visit the site itself rather than just consuming my RSS feed (for which I still love you dearly and would pay you if I had the means, lovely lovely people) you’ll see the green and orange Flattr button on the right sidebar. (Over thar! —>)

I apparently now have the ultimate cosmic power of inviting other people, currently 3, so if you’re interested please let me know.

In the interests of full disclosure I believe I’ve Flattr’d out a little under 2 euros and received *ahem* not quite half a euro back in the last however long it’s been. Thanks Ark, I know it was you! But filthy lucre aside, I still like the basic principle of Flattr and am quite happy to be able to support it; that it doesn’t support me in the style to which I would like to become accustomed isn’t a requirement or, really, much of a surprise. I’m not big into self-promotion, especially not of a blog that’s really not much more than my stream-of-consciousness MMO ramblings.

See how good I am at sales pitches?

Anyway, if you’d like to get involved and haven’t managed to wangle a Flattr beta invite (I did, so it can’t be that difficult), post below. By the magic of the intarweb commenting tubes I’ll have your email anyway.

Oh and PS — I’ve been so lax about posting in the last few weeks that I’m going to try to post every. single. day!! in July. Except weekends. And holidays. And Alpha Centauran religious observation days. Ah come on, none of you read blogs on the weekends anyway.

(Image reproduced without the inestimable Bill Watterson’s permission. But come on — who can resist a Calvin and Hobbes pic? <3)

Give to get – Flattr

I’m not usually big on “I can haz money nao?” buttons and links on sites. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t object to them per se, but I’ve never seen the need to put any up on my own site. I don’t do this to get money and — to be blunt — I doubt I’d make much anyway.

That said, Arkenor (him again!) found a potentially fun way to get while giving — check it out, he’s got a video and everything. It’s a new, er, thingy (technical term) from some Swedish guys and it’s called Flattr. I gather it’s only in beta right now, but the basic principle is you put a certain amount into a kitty each month, and when you find content you like that has a Flattr button, you can click said button and give the place a thumbs-up. At the end of the month the flat amount you put in is divided by the number of “I like this!” Flattrs you gave. Conversely, if you have a button on your site, people can Flattr you.

What’s nice about this is that you can choose what to give and when, and people can choose to do the same to you. I doubt this is a get rich quick scheme, but I like the basic idea of being able to give — and get — props. Ego stroking is all very nice, but ego-stroking plus a few pennies or cents is even better.

I’m going to put one of those Flattr linky things on here, if I can figure out how (probably not until they let me into the beta, I suspect). I’ve applied for the beta — and no, not just because I’m a beta ho! — just to see what becomes of this. Barter appeals to me, and this is essentially just a form of approval-barter. Not a bad idea at all.