GW – Brown isn’t always bad

Lots of people warned me about this: starting the Prophecies campaign in Guild Wars is all pretty flowers and happy kids, and then suddenly you get dumped in post-Searing barren nastiness with bubbling tar pits and … brown. A lot of brown. Pale brown paths, darker brown slopes, mid-brown for most everything else, good only for spawning scorpion-like critters that pop out of the ground and try to chew your face off as you pass.

Nonetheless, the town part — New Ascalon I guess it is, as opposed to killed-by-brown Old Ascalon — has some pretty neat visual touches despite its brown-ness. I’m sure all this is deep lore but I haven’t got to that part yet — though again, every now and then I’ll come across some huge statue (see below) and read the associated lore. It’s fun.

Sometimes area decoration art doesn’t do a whole lot for me. These, on the other hand, I find quite evocative. Maybe I just like the art style.

In other news, the spousal unit started playing yesterday (BWAHAHAHA!). He’s still in the new game! new UI! head exploding! stage but fortunately that passes pretty quickly in GW. I’ll be interested to see what the game is like to play non-solo. Fun, hopefully, or I want my $40 back!