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Dailies and dragons and pandas, oh my

Prescriptum: I was going to write this at the end of the post, but as usual I’m rambling far too much and I’m adding pictures and this post is going to be a mile long before I’m done. So: I’d like to thank the folks who have been mailing me in support of this blog. I’m eternally surprised that people read this not just out of bloggerly solidarity but out of – apparently – interest and for entertainment. Personally, I think my post quality has gone down the drain in the last couple of years, but I’m hoping the doldrums will pass and at some point I won’t mind revisiting some of the more interesting discussions & themes out there. In the meantime, thanks for reading and most of all thanks for writing to let me know you’re reading – it’s not essential, but it’s very nice to receive.

TL;DR - No time to play, waah. Pandaclysm kinda cool. Where’s my hatchling? Dailies dailies everywhere and not a drop to drink. Move along now.

My gaming time has been somewhat limited these last few months – okay, for most of this year actually – with the occasional glutton-day interspersed with weeks of not logging into anything much. Which is a shame, because there are several games out there I could, would, should and want to enjoy. Two of them are even “free”, more or less – TSW and GW2 – but when there’s no time, there’s just no time. Read the rest of this entry


I always love finding references to other things – movies, books, in this case other MMOs – in games. This one made me laugh out loud.

What’s the GW2 equivalent of Men in Black Vans?

The (wo)man with two games

While I haven’t been able to even log into The Secret World in about a month (work, travel, yadda yadda), I did at least get it properly updated yesterday, even if I didn’t actually find any time to play.

And today, my best intentions to the contrary, the spousal unit casually says “You know, those Guild Wars 2 reviews are looking pretty good. Maybe I would like to play it after all.” Since it was his lack of interest that managed to hold me back from pre-ordering (well, that and work, travel, yadda yadda), we immediately headed out to the store* and picked up a couple of copies. It’s not like I’d been drooling over all the screenshots and reviews from fellow bloggers – not to mention Twitter and Facebook updates and actually seeing the game on friends’ computers. Nope. I was resisting. I was being good. It’s all his fault.

It’s installing as I write. I’m not sure how I’m going to find the time for GW2 when I don’t have the time for TSW or WoW or the Sims or indeed anything other than 5 minutes of FreeCell here and there, but it’s a NEW GAME!!!11oneone and, even bigger bonus, it’s free to play. Since TSW is essentially subs-free as well, that’s like Two Good Things all at once.

I know TSW isn’t actually free to play, but the lifetime sub already paid for itself in my view. I’ve probably played maybe 70 hours total, counting futzing around on characters I abandoned and not counting the many hours spent in Beta, so we’re already talking less than $4/hour. Whichever way you slice it, MMOs are still a damn sight cheaper per hour of entertainment than, say, movies.

So now I’m like the woman with two manstresses, or whatever you want to call it. Both are low-maintenance, neither of them is going to get pissy with me if I don’t have time to devote to them, neither of them requires to be taken to dinner, and both will be there whenever I fancy a bit of fun. God only knows how (or if) I’ll find time for Mists of Pandaria when that comes out in a few weeks…

* In the interests of full disclosure I should note that we got a new car last week, that it’s more car than I’ve ever had in terms of power AND bells and whistles, and that we’re jumping into the car and going for a drive on the slightest of tiny excuses. I’ve probably run more “errands” this week and done more mileage than in the last 6 months combined.

You’ll put your eye out – GW2 Ranger revealed


“They stalk the wilds of Tyria, trusting their keen eye, loyal pets, and the power of nature itself to win the day. Introducing the ranger, the most recently revealed Guild Wars 2 profession! A master of many skills, the ranger can lay traps, strikes foes from afar with his bow, or command fierce animal companions – and that’s just getting started!”

Here’s the info page for those who just don’t like to click on pix: click me instead!

Yeah, it sounds just like a WoW Hunter, but you know what? I don’t care! I loved my hunter back when I played WoW. I still love the class, for all the vitriol that’s been spat at it by all the other classes and all the nerfs the class has supposedly been hit with in the last few years.

You get a pet. You get to sneak around and wear camo colours a lot. You get a freaking BOW AND ARROWS! What’s not to like?

When the Guild Wars 2 mailing came up in my inbox and I saw RANGER REVEALED!!!11oneone I got the same effect I always do. Part of me thought “oh boy oh boy oh boy I get to play a ranger again!”

Will the class match my expectations? Probably not. But the first tabletop RPG character I made was — you guessed it — a bow-toting, friend-to-beasts, red-in-tooth-and-claw-(and-with-cool-leather-boots) ranger.

Say what you like about how easy they are to play, or how they’re just too much fun (riiiight) — but they ARE fun. And I love em.

Click for 1920x1200 size


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