Blaugust Day 2.1 – Twice in One Day?!

Soon I’ll be as prolific as Syp! … Okay, maybe not. And he might be getting a little tired of me comparing myself to him every time I claim to be Postia McPostyPants of Port-Postypont. Well anyway, moving right along…

It came as absolutely no surprise to me that my super-helpful post on getting into RSS feeds turned out to be more of a waffling rant about Google, Facebook and G+ and rather less of a super-helpful post about keeping the v/blogs you follow nicely corralled.

So let’s try this again. This is for Firefox. I’m not responsible for how anything looks or what may happen if you’re using any other browser, especially but not limited to Internet Exploder and the new-fangled Edge.

EDIT — You could do what I say below… or you could just go the OPML route helpfully provided by Endgame Viable. Yay Endgame!

1. Start here. It’s the current list of Blaugust participants. One link is off by a .net (corrected here), one doesn’t want to open at all for me ( – why am linking it if it doesn’t work?), and a few have signed up but apparently not begun posting yet — but other than that the list is good to go and just aching to give you RSI. Why RSI? You’re about to find out.

2. Open your lovely shiny new Feedly account page (or just hit the bookmark if you’re one of the already-in crowd) in another tab, or window, or whatever floats your boat for link multi-tasking. Alternately, go to Feedly and sign up.

3. Go back to Belghast’s list. Right-click the first blog on the list* and select “Copy link location” or whatever your language/browser equivalent might be.

4. Go to the Feedly tab. Long way: click “Add content” in the left sidebar. Short way: hit Paste in the search box in the top right of pretty much every page. If it’s not the first link you’re pasting hit the X to clear the search box (and also give it the focus) and then paste. Select the blog when it shows up in the drop-down list (usually it’s the first result if there’s more than one).

5. Once that blog has loaded in the main Feedly area, click the bright green +Feedly button:

Shameless self-promotion!
Shameless self-promotion!

6. I don’t think you have to, but it’s wise to add that blog to a collection, which you can do via the sidebar popup on the left (on Firefox anyway. If you’re using anything else you’re on your own). For very mysterious and cunning reasons only the initiated may know rather obvious reasons, I suggest you create a Blaugust collection. Personally I have a Blaugust 2015 collection but I’m just a stickler for detail.

7. Click Add at the bottom of that collections-thingy sidebar.

8. TA-DA!!! Only 68 to go! Or in MMO-speak, grind links until you complete the Blaugust Feedly-Adding Achievement. Say hello to RSI.

Apparently I have two possible Feedly links, both for the same blog (here), because I’m so damn cool and that’s how I roll. Actually one is the old URL ( and the other is the new (as in, last year /rolleyes) URL ( Hrmph. At least I don’t have to do my own hosting, which I could because I have a host and I know how but I simply can’t be bothered because reasons.

Right then. Go forth and read, and don’t make me regret not saving this for tomorrow!

– – – – – – – – – – –

* Dammit! I knew I should have called this blog AaaaStylish Corpse. Grrr!


July 2012 Foofery

So, I did some long-overdue pruning of the blogroll. I removed whatever blogs had been officially shut down or were showing entirely in Sanskrit, updated whatever blogs had moved elsewhere, kept a few for nostalgia’s sake, added a couple.

If you should be on there and aren’t, it’s because I’m an elitist cliqueish bitch. Post or mail me and I’ll boot up Nice Ysh 2.0 and (re)add you.

And now a cute animal picture to fill out the required space. Nice Ysh 2.0 must be online.

(EDIT – did I mention I added a TSW Links page? Well, I did. Suggestions for additions welcome.)

The writing's on the (pink) wall…

… but not anymore.

Larísa has written her last post at PPI. Sad – but understandable, too. Hopefully she’ll feel the tickle of the muse and come back in another incarnation at some point.

I’ve never really understood how people can get so abusive when someone leaves a TV show or stops writing a blog, as though there were some personal slight or deprivation intended. We really don’t exist just to serve as entertainment for other people; said other people need to learn to entertain themselves.

As someone who is too chickenshit to decide whether I’m still blogging here or not, I respect a rather more definite decision. A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

{What? Would a Secret World beta spot make me change my mind? Why yes, yes it would. Hear me, Oh #TSW team!}

New Year's Foofery

Seems there was at least one blog that was linking to me only to have me, cruelly and heartlessly, fail to link in return. This has been remedied.

It’s foofery. You should know how this works by now. If you don’t, here are the destructions:

— If you link to me and I haven’t linked back and you’re not an online-prescription/pr0n-spam site, whap me over the head in the comments or something and it shall be fixed.

Um, that’s it really. Here, have the requisite cute baby animal picture, since those are 99% of my damn traffic.

Hello! I'm good for at least another 20 pageviews!


I’m in ur #ff stealin’ ur slang

It’s a Twitter thing, see — #ff = FollowFriday, as in, who am I following today, as in mini popularity contest because noooo, we didn’t get enough of this shit at school and now we get to re-enact high school all over again in the context of social media, only this time around it’s much easier to post nekkid pictures of drunk chicks and toilet-headed nerds.


Actually I had a surprisingly easy time in high school, as far as that stuff goes. I’ve always been a semi-loner and I’ve never been particularly impressed on command. I was equally distant and equally friendly with whatever cliques and groups there were, and got on pretty well with all of them. Not consciously mind you, and on a couple of occasions I clearly broke some vital clique protocol, but for the most part high school was a refuge from other stuff and not the modern hell it’s usually portrayed as, especially here in the States.

But I digress. #followfriday is also a good way to shout out to people who are especially interesting, funny, engaging, outrageous — whatever. So, because I’m utterly uninspired this morning and might just possibly have has a little too much beer with my (skill-less) pool last night, here’s my own version. Minor hangover aside, I also strongly believe in giving props for the stuff you enjoy. These are blogs or sites I enjoy — maybe you will too!

I’m very egalitarian. If you’re not on one of these and would like to be, just drop me a box of chocolates a comment or $20 mail and, if you’re worthy of being in my uber-selective blogger clique*, I’ll add you to my #FridayFoofery. Note that #ff traditionally uses 7 names. I think. I also don’t care, but it’s what I’m going to use.

Friday Foofery July 23, 2010

HarbingerZero — he cannot be contained and he’s back in EVE with moar skillz and bettur ships than me. Which may not be saying all that much.

Caladwen’s Gaming Blog — EQ2 to the core and currently fighting evil account theifz. There is a special circle of hell for people who do that, where they make damned sinners watch reality TV all day every day.

A Ding World — because of all the Swedish bloggers I know, Sente is definitely the best! Oh wait! Larisa… okay, the best MALE blogger. Sente, you’d better not be a girl.

The Pink Pigtail Inn — needs no introduction. I don’t play WoW but one doesn’t need to play a given game to read the best posts about it. Cuz if that were the case I’d have no readers, and I know I have at least four now! (Hi Joe, hi Billy Bob, hi Fuchsia, hi Dickie!)

Cow Nose the 50lb Cat — because how can you not link a name like that? Maybe the truly biblical FLOOD of people coming by from here will prompt said lazy-ass feline to post some more.

The Internet Crashed — yeah, I linked to them not long ago. Cybersue me!

One Of These Alts — recently discovered thanks to the Great ActiBlizzard Shitstorm of ’10, currently raising hell in SWG (briefly) and EQ2

(#8 is not really here. You have not seen it. This is not the Gamasutra article on “Is the game industry a happy place” you’re looking for.)

* We get our own heart-of-the-volcano lair and really good dental, by the way. The cafeteria food’s lousy though.

Blog Foofery – May 2010

It’s been a while.

To those who were actually visiting the site yesterday while I was madly fiddling with themes and widgets, my apologies.

Anyway, I finally picked a new theme (about time after almost 2 years) and added a couple of pages — the EQ2 Crafting page so that those who need to can find guide without having to do a search, and the Blogroll page because… well, because. I may remove that one.

I also finally got round to updating the sidebar Blogroll, even if it does still have more than 100 links in it. I removed a bunch of defunct blogs and, in a sudden fit of bitchiness, I also removed a bunch of blogs that can’t be arsed to reciprocate links. Some of them are people I know and count as friends (or at least acquaintances), which irks me, though I suspect in most cases it’s oversight and not having a round tuit.

Either way, if you’re not on the blogroll and would like to be, let me know. But if you’re just going to suck down my linkage and never reciprocate, I have a big What-EVER for you. Seriously. A little two-way courtesy isn’t that hard even in this day and age.

Now you kids get off my damn lawn!


Reciprocate or the kitten gets it!

Quote of the Day: QQ Lava boy, QQ!

Since Syp is busy welcoming his newest progeny (yay!), I’m going to steal his Quote of the Day thing.

Today’s is from Tamarind, who is worth quoting (in full) on any day of the week, but who actually made me spray coffee this morning. Coffee spray is win. This is regarding proposed Priest changes in WoW (I assume), and it’s worth reading the whole thing for moar chuckley cowbell.

Also why the hell is it called chakra? I suppose ’serendipity’ was pretty arbitrary anyway but I thought the general theme of the priest class was, was, y’know, psuedo-high church? Quick, pass me my healing crystal and my flower garland, I’m about to cast Flash of Homoeopathy.

Here’s the full kit n kaboodle. If you don’t read Righteous Orbs yet, you should.

And finally, not because there’s any fail in the Orbs (though maybe in the priest changes), but just because it also made me laugh:

March Foofery

I haven’t done this in a while, so: if you’ve linked to me and I haven’t linked to you, it’s because I’m a snotty bitch and too good for you. However, if you comment and let me know, I’ll turn loose my less-eviller twin and add you to my (long, but discerning) blogroll.

One of these days I may even go through said roll to weed out the blogs that are truly defunct — though I do hear that WAR(hammer Online) blogging is undergoing something of a renaissance these days. You go, WAR bloggers!

Obligatory filler cutepic, especially to annoy bloggers with iPhones


Le Singe est dans l’Arbre

singearbreSqueaking this foofery post in under the monthly deadline!

It’s the usual: if you’ve got a link to me on your site, you’re a star. If I’m not reciprocating, it’s not because I’m a spiky byotch but most likely because I didn’t notice. Let me know in the comments here and it shall be remedied.

If you’re on my blogroll and I’m not on yours, chances are you’ll be purged after a few months unless you’re really really interesting or funny or famous or something. Why yes, in this case I am being a spiky byotch and there’s no excuse! Obliviousness only works for me!

Seriously though, one of these days I’ll find a way to make that ridiculously long blogroll a little easier to navigate. Damned if I’ve figured out how in 6 months of thinking about it though — at least, I haven’t come up with a method that requires a lot more maintenance from me than I’m willing to put in.

Brief foofery

Not much time this weekend, but I’d like to welcome back Jedioftheshire, of Holocron in a Hobbit Hole — he stopped blogging for a while a few months ago (GONE FISHING as Pete would say) but is feeling the lure to come back.

(See what I did there?)

I’ve added a grunch of new links to the blogroll, which, tapeworm like, is only getting longer and longer and feeding on my fooferies. I need to figure out a way to keep the good but possibly defunct blogs I want to give ongoing props to alongside the active, current ones. More categories never quite seems to be the best answer, though I guess in the short term it may be an answer.

The blogroll does generate some traffic for the people on it. It may not be a huge amount, but I see linkies being clickied. I just need to figure out how to have a blogroll that isn’t Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors.

I leave you with LOLcats, just because.