RPG a Day – or, don’t hold your breath

I have been hit by work. It’s a lucrative condition but not one that’s conducive to blogging, as though I needed any excuses not to blog in the last few years.

Eh, it’s not just that. My mental health issues mean I have no desire to communicate with people and no faith that I’d have anything interesting to say even if I wanted to. (For those who have asked: I’m fine – really. It’s being handled. But ‘being handled’ still means I don’t want to interact with people at the moment and I’m giving myself permission to be that way.)

If you want more RPG A Day stuff, go read someone else’s blog instead. Like this one. Or this one. Or any of the lovely people who are doing Blaugust this year.

3 thoughts on “RPG a Day – or, don’t hold your breath

    1. Since you’re probably the only one reading this since the move to self-hosting, you might be right. 😀

  1. I’ve always enjoyed your blog. You’re in my feedly, so even if you go years between posting I’l still see it 😉

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