Poll Saturday – 5 September 2015

asuraI didn’t play Guild Wars 2 for more than a few weeks (not for any nefarious reason, just had other games and things to do), but I know a lot of people who do and who have loved it. I also know a lot of ink was spilled this week concerning the raids and whatnot. So now that passions have had a chance to cool a little, here’s a poll, just to see how folks feel.

I tried to balance the possible answers but I have NO pretensions to knowing how to build an unbiased poll. And this is just for kicks – mostly I wonder how the raiders feel about it. My general impression is raiders always love more raids, but since they didn’t exist in GW2, are even the raiders worried about what this might do to the game as a whole, not to mention to the community and the general tone?

Feel free to expand in the comments.

EDIT — Edited to remove the don’t know / don’t care answer which I wasn’t intending to allow in the first place since they don’t bring much to the table. Apologies to the person who got one past me. 🙂   OK fine, I put the Don’t know / don’t care answer back in. I still don’t see what it’ll bring to the discussion, but I am nothing if not pliable when it comes to the whims of my readers.

EDIT2 – The damned poll isn’t behaving. I give up. By all means add 18 ‘other’ answers as you like. /le_sigh

8 thoughts on “Poll Saturday – 5 September 2015

  1. The problem with removing the “Don’t Know/Don’t Care” option is that it was the most accurate depiction of my opinion. Now I have nowhere to put my vote. We may not be able to contribute much to the conversation, but it might provide an indication of how much a ripple this controversy is actually is making in the community.

    1. I get that, but in this particular instance I wanted to hear from those who *do* have an opinion, not from those who don’t one way or the other. I didn’t think 12 DKDC votes from people who don’t play GW2 would add anything to the discussion. Come back on this one if I’ve misunderstood why you would have voted that way!

      1. Mostly (when I do a poll), I just like to know how many people are paying attention/willing to participate. Simple are often enough, but they won’t tell you people’s reasoning for the opinions they have. You learn a lot from comments that you don’t from statistics, and vice versa. 🙂

      2. At least Polldaddy allows for editing, Google/Blogger will not allow edits after a vote has been cast, much to my chagrin.

      3. True dat. In this instance I was pretty sure the poll was biased from the start, as those mostly unhappy with the changes are a) more prevalent in my readship (I think) and b) more likely to want to express their discontent.

        Which didn’t bother me, obviously. I just needed a poll subject, damn you!! 😉

  2. I count myself as a (casual) raider in MMOs these days but where gw2 is concerned, my answer is no. I am so disappoint by so many of the changes come to pass since the original build.

  3. Chalk up my thoughts as: I raid and want to wait and see what GW2 has in store raid-wise. They’ve put together some fun and interesting content – fractals were often quite inspired in terms of game design. Do I lament the fact that I will not be able to experience this content without a large group of friends? Definitely. I don’t know, it seems petty to just claim something is bad because you’re not able to do it. (More thoughts to come in a post??? STAY TOONED)

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