Blaugust Day 20 – Only Slightly Early

It’s only 2 hours till midnight where I am and it’s long past that in parts east of me, so I’m going to call this Day 20. That’s what the scheduling button is for (yes, the one I said I’d try not to use then totally forgot to use. Sigh).

This time you really are getting your image = 1k words post, because I have a crapton of work to do and too little time in which to do it. I’d like to blame ARK for this but can’t even do that; I spent a fair bit of my dozen hours of playtime so far sat at the main menu while work mail asploded. What I did manage to play I chronicled (except for the bits I forgot to chronicle) in screenshots, a selection of which have been posted to the brand new ARK page and its sub-page (+s, but there’s currently only one):

ARK screenshots from August 19th, 2015

I’ll add more as and when. Since I have gigabytes and gigabytes of unused media upload space I can add a great many more as uncommented screenshots somewhere if people are interested; as an example, I took 61 (quite passable) screenshots today but only posted 16 of them to the daily session page.

And that’s it for today. There are 1000 words in that screenshot page anyway. I just don’t know how not to babble.

(PS: Only 11 posting days to go. WOOOOOHOOOO! I love the initiative, but this daily posting thing is killing me. Srsly.)

7 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 20 – Only Slightly Early

  1. The amount of people playing Ark makes me want to play it more… but then I get in game and go “meh.” I’m not sure what it is. I like the basis of what’s there, but I want more polish. Perhaps it would be more fun with friends?

    1. It certainly would, but if you don’t like the basic activities of harvest stuff then build stuff (like Minecraft and others) there might not be much to entertain you. The PvP maybe?

      So yes, in a larger social structure where people can specialise into certain roles that let them avoid activities they don’t enjoy, it might be more fun for certain player prefs.

      1. I enjoyed the building in The Forest, but that game sets you alone against tribes of cannibals, or you can play with friends but it’s co-op.

        Ark is similar and I like it, but it seems to be less pretty than other games of the genre, the UI is horrible, and it feels less than optimized. I have a GTX 770 and my system is basically brand new and it still doesn’t seem to run all that well. Other games of similar age and scope run fine at max settings.

        I guess I’m just being picky.

      2. There’s nothing wrong with expecting decent performance. I’m running on high settings with a 970 so my screens can give you an idea what the quality is like. The UI is actually not that bad (in my book, and I’m a UI Nazi) once you realise it’s more Skyrim than MMO — at least that’s how I had to approach it. One thing I did notice is the bloody game goes back to crappy settings every time I start it, but I just click back to high + ultra view distance and I’m good to go.

        But yes, there’s a definite lack of polish here and there, which I’m ok with since full release isn’t until 2016 sometime. So far I’ve found it eminently playable and I really, really like to vent about UIs.

        I dno’t know where to find my FPS but there’s no hitching (except every 15 or so minutes for the server-save and that might just be local to me).

        Not trying to talk you into anything, but if you liked The Forest you might like this. I’ve made my own server so jackasses can’t gank me when I’m not looking — just dinosaurs 😀 — meaning I’m happy to provide the password for people who want to come have a look.

      3. Oh I own the game, have had it since nearly day one, but haven’t played too much. Add me on Steam: I’m Izlain there as well.

  2. @Izlain — we reached my nested comments limit. 😀 Done added you on Steam. Server is down atm but I can put it back up if you’d like to come visit. I haven’t moved more than a half mile from the starting area yet but the house is shaping up nicely.

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