Blaugust Day 11 – Mashup and Miscellany

So here we are, HA!s notwithstanding, combing the writing prompts forum thread for inspiration. I would like to shift some of the blame for being hoist by my own petard on the time of day I’ve had to do these posts, because I typically write much more easily in the mornings (which is itself odd as I’m not really a morning person). My mornings have been busy with that stupid Real Life game where you have to keep logging in to grind levels and dailies or you lose your damn mount, your house, and all your other phat lewt.

Anyway, I found enough there to spark a postlet. I am mashing up several prompts because I am a wild spirit and you cannot contain me with your writing prompts even as I use them as crutches! Ahem. Here we go. In no particular order…

5 things you don’t know about me

  1. I speak English, French and German. I also think, dream and sleep-talk in those languages. Apparently it is extremely weird to have your SO mutter in German in the middle of the night. (Presumably this would not be so weird if *my* SOs past and present spoke German.) As an aside, I like to give my D&D dwarves silly German-word names like Achtung and Ausweis Bitte. As another aside, I suspect only Japanese beats German for sounding like you’re yelling at someone when you’re probably romancing them. And finally, swearing sounds SO much more like you mean it when it’s in German. (I realise this is actually NOT a thing you don’t know about me if you’ve read the blog in the last couple of weeks. Sue me. I needed to warm up to the subject.)
  2. I knit and crochet and am not ashamed of either. So there. I have made 275 afghans and scarves and have finally screwed up my courage to tackle actual shaped garments. It’s Zen. It’s also occasionally incredibly annoying (patterns can be teh suq), but it’s mostly calming.
  3. I have an enduring addiction to anything made of paper (well, except papier-machΓ©) — books, notebooks, pads, journals… — and anything used to write thereon. I have made herculean efforts to keep this in check over the past few decades because planet and eco and all that, but it’s — twitch — not easy. There’s something so tactile about paper and the act of writing on it… that and the fact that unless I write it down with a pen, it won’t go in my head or be retained. If I write a phone number down, I’ll remember it right away. If I enter it in my phone or computer, I will forget it instantly. I wonder if I’m too old to change that, but I don’t really care.
  4. I have visited nearly 20 countries and lived in 7. I wasn’t always too keen on it at the time (that UN-brat thing) but the older I get, the more grateful I am to have had the opportunity. Travel truly does broaden the mind.
  5. I am utterly impervious to deadpan. I am also rather gullible and I suspect the two are related. The spousal unit has taken to saying “BAZINGA” after every deadpan joke, just to make sure I actually get it, and it’s helping. As for gullible… I tend to take people at their word and, given how cynical I am about other things, I don’t really mind. I’d rather assume people are telling me the truth than assume they’re lying to me. That’s no way to live.
  6. I can’t count. BAZINGA.

A Stylish Selection of Past Posts

These are kind of random but I’m still happy with most of the posts I did in 2008-2011-ish. Actually I’m still happy with all my posts but the earlier ones actually had things to say rather than being “don’t shoot me for not posting” fluff items, which comprises most of what I’ve done in 2013-2015-ish. (Yes, you sharp-eyed reader, I missed 2012. That was the in-between year.)

Get your RP on III – Begone, Quests! (2009)

Frustrating /= Hardcore. Hardcore /= More Worthy (2011)

Why? – 2008 (As in, Why I play…)

Last But Not Least, Required Reading

And lo, I shall deliver the word from on high. In other words, I shall link to Raph Koster because whether you agree with him or not (and I do with a fervour that borders on the creepy), every gamer interested in the why and how of gaming and MMOs could do worse than read what he has to say. The links below relate primarily to SWG (Star Wars Galaxies) but they and the other articles in the series are relevant to MMO design on a much more general level. I’m sure I’ll get back to that someday because if MMOs have lost their way in the last decade (per my Anook AMA post) it’s by being less like SWG or even CoX and more like WOW. Both these articles are from earlier this year, so hardly obsolete.

Designing a Living Society in SWG, part one

Designing a Living Society in SWG, part two

Peace out. (I don’t usually say that but I had to end the post somehow.)

6 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 11 – Mashup and Miscellany

  1. Ah, Crochet! Now we can talk! I’m being very good these days and am resisting building a yarn “stash”. I used to make afghans alone but I’m branching out.
    Who has more notebooks and pretty paper craft paper and Inkjoy Pens plus varied “school supplies” than I do? Maybe you! Are you drawn as it were to “adult coloring books?”
    Is deadpan similar to “dry humor?
    Nice meaty post πŸ˜‰

    1. I am embracing my stashitude with a nice set of chrome shelves and 8 (wait no, 16 as of yesterday) clear plastic boxes in which to put stuff away. I am horribly, horribly addicted to; it doesn’t help that they’re a lovely company. If only they were Evil-Corp I could hate and ignore them.

      I am no longer drawn to colouring books, no. πŸ˜‰

      Deadpan / = dry humour, though they do seem to be related. The latter I get. The former I mostly do not.

  2. Yay! two more people who understand my addiction to paper! Not only do I have a paper/notebook stash but I keep my old ones too! I also have a yarn stash as I taught myself to crochet earlier this year. I think I’m upto about 15 scarves so far and a huge baby blanket but I haven’t tried shaped stuff yet either. I really want to try some amigurumi πŸ™‚

    1. If all the knit & crochet fans came out of the woodwork, we could rule the world — except we’re far too busy doing projects for that. I’ve even been surprised to note that some of my favourite YouTubers (for stitch help and the like) are men, which is very neat.

  3. amigurumi is so adorable. I don’t think I am able to do what looks like delicate work to get those sweet figures.
    A co worker has an an entire wall of one room with small plastic boxes of fabric, highly organized. A stash can be a thing of beauty or terror πŸ™‚

  4. Crochet has always mystified me. People apparently go in to a trance, wiggle yarn around on a hook, and a thing materializes. It’s about as xlose to alchemy as I will likely ever get to witnessing.

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