Blaugust Day 10 – Is Blaugust Driving My Traffic?

If I had Wilhelm’s airy lightness and ease with statistics, I would be backing up my thoughts with numbers. But I am not he (for which we are probably all suitably grateful), so instead I will speculate in a manner unsupported by facts and jump to conclusions like a drug-crazed llama.

crazy llamaIs Blaugust driving driving more traffic to my blog? Well, as I realised when I started this post, it’s probably my usual yes, and no. Unlike some (Mr. Murf, I’m looking at you) I haven’t exploded on the scene — even the Blaugust scene — with the force of a thousand suns. Which in his case is amply deserved since aside from posting well, he has also been devoting a great deal of time and effort to being a part of the Blaugust community.

For those not taking part — yes, there is definitely a community (as in, group of people) and a sense of community in this endeavour. It’s made up of some very energetic individuals who seem to manage to interface with everyone, some far more reticent individuals, and a pack somewhere in between that interacts with a fair few — but not necessarily all — the other Blaugustinians. I try to be in that last group but I still have at least a dozen blogs to add to my blogroll and limited amounts of energy to devote to it. I’m hoping others are making up for that apathy. Regardless, I certainly get the feeling that many of us are trying to achieve the same thing, that many of us are struggling with the same issues, and that shared effort does tend to make the load a little lighter to bear. The marathon runners’ version — only with blogs and asses in chairs.

And as with all communities, you tend to get out what you put in. Making a lot of effort to support, commend, encourage and engage with others unsurprisingly tends to get others to reciprocate. I’ve seen it myself — both in terms of others’ engagement with me but definitely in terms of my engagement with others — as I’ve attempted and mostly succeeded to follow Kanter’s suggested comment-a-day effort.

My Basenji, Mogwai, says OHAI NEW READERS! Tickle me?

I was here before Blaugust, and it’s possible the bump in my views could be due simply to the fact that I’m suddenly posting every day. It’s also very likely that it’s not, because most of the comments have been coming from Blaugustinians — but then my longer-time readers also know they don’t need to comment that often (no, it’s fine, my ego can take it! /hand-to-forehead). I had a great many more visitors when I was actually, you know, posting regularly, but there has still been a bump since we’ve gone from a few score random and/or pity and/or stalker views to many more score regular daily views.

So yes, Blaugust is driving my traffic, if only with the force of a brown dwarf, which I’m fine with. Too much traffic and I’d start getting worried and paranoid and mumble about needing to perform for the audience and how much I couldn’t care a whit about audiences and can’t you all go away?? <shifty-eyes>

It’ll be a lot more interesting to look at this in a month — first to see if I’ve continued posting at all (or whether Blaugust has made me run screaming for the hills), and second to see who sticks around. And before then, it will be interesting to see how we all fare as August winds on. I’m having a whole heap of trouble posting these last few days, but I suspect that’s due to my general gaming malaise, ennui, and other too-cool-for-school French words — when that passes and my energy returns, so will my ability to just blather on about games, gamers, and gaming in general.

I’m not a big fan of ending posts with questions but this one is obvious: How about you?

I’d certainly love to hear about other people’s traffic bumps or outright shot-out-of-a-cannon experiences in the short time we’ve been doing this. *I* have most certainly been reading more blogs and I make a point of visiting the actual site of at least half of the ones I read every day (since posts are collected for me in Feedly but don’t count as page views*) — which means I’ve been contributing to increasing other people’s traffic too, which feels kind of nice. It’s been a while since I read many blogs. This is exhausting, but fun.

– – – – – – – – – –

* Just because I don’t let my traffic drive me doesn’t mean I don’t watch it with interest, and I’m sure most everyone else doing Blaugust is aware of their traffic and any potential changes to some extent.


23 thoughts on “Blaugust Day 10 – Is Blaugust Driving My Traffic?

  1. Hmmm for myself I’ve seen a great increase in traffic towards PM. I think Blaugust is a huge contributing factor to the new followers, unique impressions and views.

    I hoped that partaking in Blaugust would bring in some new viewership. I know that I’m still very much a baby blogger with a very long way to go, but an event like this gave me the avenue to put myself out there, meet new folks and become part of a community, all the while developing my own “writing voice” and style along the way! ^_^

  2. Traffic is up noticeably at TAGN this month, but I am not sure how much Blaugust is driving it versus having some decent topics to dive into. Lots of search engine traffic heading my way around WoW Legion, though the LOTRO server merge is my most popular post of the month so far.

    Meanwhile, Anook is down in 20th place as a traffic source, tied with Google+, and way behind Twitter, Facebook, and Bhagpuss.

    Traffic sources might have to be my site topic for my month in review post.

  3. Much like last year, Blaugust has given me a bump in traffic. It’s not astronomical levels, but it’s still noticeable. I’m also not one who usually blogs daily either, so that’s probably part of it. Typically I have a bump during the summer no matter what, due to more people having more leisure time, but this year it was the opposite. The past couple of months I had hit a slump, but Blaugust put me back to where I was used to being. Either way, traffic is definitely a fickle thing.

  4. Counter to the trend, I saw a significant drop in page views during the first week of August. I actually blogged about it. It’s picked up a bit since but it’s still below what I was getting in June and July.

    Partly,as Wilhelm points out, it does depend what I post about. The one post I did on WoW this month got more and faster traffic than anything else and posts on the GW2 beta did well too. Writing about EQ2 never brings in the numbers although it does bring in the comments and Project: Gorgon may be a favorite with bloggers and MassivelyOP but writing about is death to page views.

    I think Jeromai put his finger on it though, when he mentioned that he wasn’t coming to my blog several times a day to check my blog roll because Blaugust was already providing him with more than enough to read. That Blogger blog roll probably brings in more people than the posts themselves so if people aren’t struggling for things to read to keep them amused at work then my traffic will suffer.

    All in a good cause though and as you say it will be very interesting to see what happens in September.

    1. Yeah, the single silly WoW post I did brought in my only spike in August so far. I bet they were disappointed when they got there though! /cackle

  5. Don’t really notice any difference, but then again I just changed blog address and some of my old readers might not have followed, It usually just depends on what I write about/title of the post. I had a good bump on one day because of Legion -WoW, other then that everything is normal.

    1. That’s right, you’ve got a new blog… and me in a new blogroll. That’ll give me one link for my month in review post. I have fallen out of blogroll favor in recent years. The new kids don’t hook up the old guy any more!

  6. I rarely look at my stats as when I was just starting out they used to get me down, but I did I little post on this a couple of days ago. The general trends I noticed were:
    1) Almost no-one comes from Twitter (or if they do they’re hiding in the google numbers somwhere). This is strange, as my main way or finding blaugust posts has been to search the #blaugust hashtag there, but it seems like I’m pretty much the only one.
    2) Russian spybots like to hit the Leaflocker a whole lot at the moment. This may or may not be related to Blaugust.
    3) Advertising my posts to a group of about 10 of my facebook friends is about 500% more effective that advertising to the nook.
    I’m in the odd situation of being not an MMO gamer and not blogging exclusively about games like most of the Blaugust crowd, but I still find these trends curious.
    P.S. I wish I could not care about comments on the blog, but I REALLY REALLY do. 🙂

    1. We all love comments — even me. Traffic is just a number. Comments are people. That’s why I finally added the like button – because sometimes all I have time for it a quick like and I figured I would give folks coming here the same option.

  7. I’ve definitely seen an increase in traffic, and I’d put a lot of it to #Blaugust. Even if not all visitors are coming from there, it’s encouraged me to reach out more on social media, and to post more often.
    It was super noticeable today…but then, The Secret World twitter account tweeted my latest post. 🙂 So, there’s also something to be said for topics and good luck!

    1. Oh for sure. My single biggest day was back in 2009 or 10 when I was one of a number of bloggers who received real stuff in the mail from the Warhammer Online folks. It was teaser material and I duly photographed and posted it. It’s like the whole playerbase stopped by that day. 😉

  8. I’ve been looking a lot more closely at my analytics too, and yes Blaugust has been driving some extra views. It didn’t take much to make an improvement, since the general neglect of the blog over the last few years has seen all my numbers drop quite a lot.

    If I continue on after Blaugust, then that should improve over time.

    One thing I did do though, and I might post about it, was to filter out some of the ghost referral spam from my analytics reports. That dropped overall numbers, substantially, but showed who the real visitors are.

  9. Rofl….my spike this week also happened because wow post. I think right now any post titled with Legion will do this. 😉 WoW blogs have always generated more traffic than other MMO blogs anyway.

    And WP just told me two days ago that am receiving ‘more traffic than usual’. But that’s not exactly a surprise after blogging so little this year. Blaugust is as many posts as I otherwise write in umm….5 months. And that’s when am busy 😉

  10. Ah stats. They’ll drive you mad if you let them.

    Regularly creating content is possibly the best way to build up traffic. Google does pick up on this. Facebook and Twitter can also pull in viewers but there’s a knack to selling yourself on these mediums. The thing is it’s a job in itself trying to promote your blog.

    I’m in a curious situation at present where I’m running two websites in parallel. The old site has seen traffic drop by 50%. Those that visit everyday for new posts have realised the site has moved and go to the new one.

    The remaining traffic is simply people finding old posts through Google. Because half of my articles are about movies these still tend to be read.They don’t have such a short shelf life like gaming posts.

    The new site is slowly picking up but I don’t want to get into the habit of looking at number too closely. They can be a source of misery, especially if they do not match your expectations.

    1. For me the trick has always been to have no expectations or I *would* drive myself crazy and that wasn’t why I wanted to blog. It’s primarily a personal thing and only secondarily about the people who stop by (though as I said above, comments rock).

  11. I have seen an uptick in visitors since embarking on Blaugust, but that is in part because I sort of forgot to post anything for the last half of July.

    I took last October and most of November off to move to another country, and honestly my numbers have still not entirely bounced back to where they were before the break. (I think also there just isn’t the same buzz this year about MMOs as last year.) FWIW I get a very large amount of my traffic from Twitter.

    1. I don’t usually, but my tweets are (or were) protected so that isn’t a surprise. We’ll see what happens now that I’ve exposed my tweets for all to see. o.O

  12. I appreciate the compliments, but I haven’t so much exploded as I have expanded my reach! This is my normal approach to reading other blogs. I’m the majority of likes on TAGN, for example!

    Now that I have more people to keep in my feeds once this month is over, you’ll probably at least see that like button pressed more often. 😀

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