Warcrack – The Good Old Days

Ahhh, 2004, those were the days.

Oh wait no, that’s right now. Well, a few minutes ago; I’m now at 800-something…

IcedownBlizzard confirmed DDOS attacks sometime yesterday/last night, but I think what’s going on right now is probably just a bunch of Friday-night geeks looking to get their WoW on.


Oh, wait…


4 thoughts on “Warcrack – The Good Old Days

    1. Warcrack is the new drug for the hip kids. 😉

      I just gave up – the garrison server for Icecrown keeps falling over, and it seems you can’t progress without it. No big deal, there’s always tomorrow…

  1. Watching this from the outside there are only two possible explanations:

    1) Blizzard are incompetent and have no clue how to run an MMO
    2) WoD has brought back a LOT more ex-WoW players than anyone expected.

    The main problem I see here is that this kind of nostalgia-driven zeitgeist frenzy can be very fragile. Blizzard need to get those rose-tinted or reluctant returnees in and playing fast or the bubbles will burst and the fizz will go flat. I’d liken it to when you go to see the movie everyone’s talking about and all the screens are sold out so you see something else instead. Then a week later when you next go to the cinema everyone’s talking about another movie and you never get around to seeing the one you were so excited about a few days ago.

    Of course Blizz have the advantage that they already have everyone’s money not only for for the entrance fee but the first month’s play so arguably they have time to get those queues down and not lose many people’s commitment. Psychologically, though, I’m not so sure that’s how it works.

  2. Agreed they need to resolve the log in issues and quickly.

    Wasn’t EQ2 down this week also for several days after launching their new expansion?

    It is becoming part of any new launch these days, and it seems bizarre when it happens with a long established game. You feel as if they should be well prepared and able to handle everything.
    I read something this morning where the person thought people wouldn’t log back off once they were in and that was contributing to the problems. I don’t think people are just hogging spots, I think they’re just playing happily and don’t want to leave.

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