Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – gen 4 on the way

Haven’t had much time to play Sims 4 lately, but the major event is that Stacey got pregnant. I was pondering whether she and/or Baccarat should get a job (mostly so their elders stop looking at them like they’re mooching, which they totally are) or whether they should just go ahead and start a family, 0r do both, when they decided to try for a baby. I honestly don’t recall picking the option, though I didn’t think it was something Sims do of their own accord so maybe I’m just senile.

At any rate they once again chose mum & dad’s bed — I REALLY don’t get this: they have exactly the same bed in a nice room upstairs! — and a quick pregnancy test afterward confirmed success.

Stacey seemed pretty stoked.

Gen 4 on the wayIn other news, I am drowning in games to play and not enough time to play them all. I just relaunched Dragon Age: Origins. Then there’s The Secret World. Then there’s the EQ2 expansion next Tuesday (for subbers) and the WoW expansion a couple of days after that. And DA3 on November 18th.

#firstworldwoes, right?