Sims 4 Legacy Challenge – SSDD

The Mirage family didn’t get played a whole lot last week, and what did get done was mostly in the ‘same shit, different day’ vein. Strangely enough, running 5 Sims fully (and they’re all interesting in their own way, with their own hobbies, desires and activities) takes up a lot of time, so the latter isn’t passing all that fast.

That said, Elise is pregnant. She got tired of Holdem telling her to wait till they were both established in their jobs (and he the one with the family-oriented trait), so she did something about it. So soon it’ll be a household of 6 Sims. Well, hopefully 6. Hopefully not twins again.

Eating for twoI’m not sure why Holdem and Elise decided mom’s bed was THE place to conceive their child, but after trying three times to get them to use their own bed, I gave up. And they got walked in on, though (fortunately?) not by mom, but still…

Threes a crowdMeanwhile, Ratscrew got married to his soulmate Derek Leary, but they’re maintaining separate households because while moving Derek in would be too many Sims, moving Ratscrew out would make me sad. He’s climbing the astronaut career ladder, is a keen gardener in his spare time and is kind of a cool guy.

Slapjack has nobody special in his life, being far too interested in learning things and generally being a Renaissance Sim nerd. He’s working on his aspiration and might be the only Mirage member so far to achieve it. Parcheesi could complete hers if she could be bothered to mentor people for a few more hours, but she knows her time is coming to an end and she’d much rather ramble around the house, play her guitar, cook for her kids and watch TV.

The lot has become quite large now, with 4 healthy adults bringing in paychecks almost every day. The twins have moved out to their own annex (the ‘Love Shack’ as Holdem calls it), one of the old rooms has been converted to a nursery, and in general things are going rather well. Which means they’re about to tank, because kiss of death.

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And that’s it for now. Generation One is about to go the way of the dodo, and I’m not sure whether I want to plead for ‘Cheesi’s life or not. She’s had a very full life (potion of youth and all), and she’s probably ready to go hang out with the Reaper and Gordon for a while. They patched in ghosts recently, so I guess it’ll be interesting to see what happens. Also, this time I’ll remember to start a burial plot for the family leaders, something tasteful – maybe young Master Goth can help design it.