Kickstarting Pathfinder Online

I really shouldn’t spend money when my 2012 Q4 taxes are due, but I did it anyway.

Bill Murphy must have hit just the right button on Facebook because I read his post, clicked through, and pledged $35. I liked the possible benefits if this project ever comes to fruition.

However, since I’ve only just heard of this game and haven’t acually read anything about it yet, and because said tax payment cheques have to be in the post today and I’m about to go out… I’m an ignorant dork who just pledged some money.

If you’re also a dork who likes sandbox MMOs (ignorance is optional), consider pledging. There are 9 hours to go and the funding goal is almost reached.

Click here to find out more.

PS: There’s even a token woman in the long list of dungeon designer geeks on that page! Go tokens!

5 thoughts on “Kickstarting Pathfinder Online

  1. I passed. To me its crazy that the only two real buy in levels for the game are $35 and $100…for what will most likely be an F2P game. Even worse, the $35 buy in level actually got *less* attractive the longer the campaign ran because of the daily items that later discovers were essentially locked out of. Not to mention after promising to be “active” and promoting all weekend, the Goblinworks crew all but disappeared from the radar, not even bothering to update the page this morning in the homestretch. Not the kind of precedent you want an MMO developer setting.

    They will probably make their million, and I will probably play, but I’m going to pass on the early adopter phase!

    1. See, I told you I should have done more research! 😀

      I don’t mind. I’m stupidly optimistic sometimes. We’ll see…

  2. Yeah the first question in the FAQ is : Um…what did you do with the $300,000 we already gave you?! They just passed the 1m mark btw…so its greenlight.

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