Quote of the day (/unlurk)

I stole this most horribly from something TishToshTesh just said on G+. Starting to get the feeling it’s true for me too:

MMOs are designed as monogamous attention whores. I’m just not the target audience for that.

I’d add a link to the discussion and Psychochild’s original post but I, ahem, don’t know how to do that with G+. Yes, I’ve been on it for mumblemumble months. Sue me.

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  1. Heh, I have been on G+ for months, but can count my posts on one hand and still have fingers left.

    I think that is a valid statement for a lot of people and I think one reason that the payment models have been changing for many MMOs.

  2. 1. Go to your stream.
    2. Scroll until you find the post.
    3. Click on the time in the post header.
    That’s the link.

  3. Here I come to save the day:

    What unwesen said. :)

  4. I seem to be working according to the “help others help themselves” principle, or RTFM *cough*.

  5. OMG she lives…

    What is this G+ you speak of, and what does it have to do with blogging….

    Kidding about the first part of course, but not so much the second. (-:

  6. Heh, thanks for the horrible theft! Turns out I built a bit more on that thought and wound up with yet another wall of text blogpost. :)


    As much as I love the potential of MMOs, well… I have no intention to let them monopolize my time. Especially with the same old stuff I’m tired of.


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