11 thoughts on “Question for the day

  1. Are they doing a beta finally? I’ve been signed up since like day one. Of course BW’s thing is “we don’t care when you signed up” and I didn’t do Funcom’s AoC beta so for all I know their policy could be the same. /-:

    1. One of the devs said they were in the beta phase recently, but then someone else on staff recently mentioned being in alpha still, so whatever stage they’re at it’s still very early days.

      I’m just figuring that the squeaky wheel, etc. etc., and I intend to squeak like a bitch!

      1. Alphas usually only run 1000 or so people. That’s easy to full up with friends, family, selected media, favored testers from other games, etc. Once the CBT drops, I bet that’s when we see our tickets punched.

  2. I just found one in my spam folder! You should be sure to double check yours.

    Oh wait… it was just another “hai we’re blizzard gives us account infoz plz thx!” email.

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