How to write a forum post (linkage)

It always strikes me as the epitome of hubris to link here to the stuff I write elsewhere, so I try not to do it much. However, I did make myself laugh with this week’s column: How to write a forum post, and maybe it’ll amuse you too.

The Subject Line

This is vitally important if you want people to click though to your frothing rant carefully thought-out post. First off, you need to make sure you use caps, and as many exclamation marks as will fill out the subject line.  If it doesn’t say “URGENT! DEVS PLZ READ!” nobody will care, so do not forget those. Alternately you can keep it simple: “I quit!” or “This sux!” will also guarantee that your post will grab attention.

Not that the advice applies to anyone who reads and comments here – and I actually mean that for once. You are ALL beautiful and unique snowflakes with an unparalleled grasp of rhetoric and debate.

With chuckling thanks to Ctrl+Alt+Del and the amazing ImageFindingWoman at MMORPG:

TSW – Creepy Friday goodness

There’s a video out. I squeee’d, though it was too short (the video that is). The bits that look like in-game footage are looking better and better. Nice textures, good atmosphere, great shadows. Am I going to have to buy a new computer for this?

Yeah, I’m officially hyped. Fangirlism can’t be far behind.

The problem is, I’m really not good with stuff leaping out at me, Anthony-Hopkins-like, from the shadows. I can already see myself in my darkened office, screen flickering, headphones blasting, suddenly jumping 3 feet off my chair and AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHing like a foghorn when something leaps out of the shadows. Because there will be shadow-leapage right from the start; players will more or less learn the ropes in these Solomon Island locations they’re revealing, and there are more shadows there than you can shake a stick at. If you had a stick. Which you probably don’t, because you’re a noob and haven’t figured out how to pick one up yet.

Shadow-leapage and weird patchwork/undead/semi-animal/squamous monsters. Undead and demons and crows, oh my!

This should be fun. I can has beta spot please?