TSW Video – I may have Squeee'd myself a bit

Quick scuttle out from under my RL-rock to post this link.

New video – The Secret World Developer Diary: Story and Missions

There’s nothing terribly earth-shattering in the video, but the interface elements we get to see actually look pretty cool and the gameplay looks rather nice too.

Oh actually there was one thing: at one point we’re told that players may have to solve puzzles by searching outside the game world, as in, by using their Google-fu (I’m guessing). My first reaction was “Wait, whoa, hold on a second pardner!” but considering the game’s pseudo-real world setting, my second thought was “Hey, that’s kinda cool!” Plus, my Google-fu can kick your Google-fu’s ass any day of the week.

I’m getting so hyped up it’s not funny; the last time I can remember being this adolescently (yes, it’s an adverb) excited about a game was 2008 and WAR. Okay, so that didn’t go so well for me (though others are still enjoying it and good for them *cough* Werit *cough*), but the thing about riding the hype wave is that hope springs eternal.

I’m surfing this hype-wave to launch and beyond, baby! (And don’t you dare quote me back at myself. I’m afraid I’ve had one of my trademark changes of heart.)

There’s a beta going on somewhere and I *will* find my way into it. Can anyone lend me a tenner for a bribe?