It's all in the rat

Yes, I’m still playing WoW — coming up to 3 months now — and yes, I’m still enjoying it, though cracks may be appearing in the facade. I have a feeling that in order to keep moving in the game, because WoW is just what it is, I’m going to end up having to do dungeons… and I’m not sure I want to, for reasons I’ve covered many times before but may yet cover again in a more up-to-date whine.

But that’s not what I want to talk about today. Today, we’re going to talk about killing 10 rats and how not all rats are the same.

For the last few weeks I’ve been doing dailies in the Twilight Highlands, and not really because I need to. Sure, I still need to hit exalted with them, but other than that I’m pretty much done with anything I could buy from them. There’s not much there for hunters. But the dailies are a hoot, and I tend to do them with friends in the evenings because they’re just so appropriate for winding down.

The thing to know is that these quests are given by dwarves, and by dwarves who value the finer things in life — to whit, food and beer. So the first thing we do is the Beer Run, which involves protecting a bunch of dorfs with kegs as they go from A to B. It’s hardly difficult, but it is fun, especially when there are 6 different convoys going and everyone’s all bunched up on the road. That’s a lot of beer! PROTECT THE BEER!

The next thing we do is to find more beer — because, well, one can never have enough beer. Only this time, every time you pick some up you also have to drink some, so you end up completely smashed — and you also pick up food along the way because finding beer is hungry and thirsty work.

Okay, so you also kill shit and smash a boss’s face in and all that, but the BEER is what matters. As it should be.

Before you accuse me of being a lush — which may well fit but isn’t the point under discussion — I’m just saying that there’s nothing intrinsically wrong with killing 10 rats, or guzzling 10 beers. What’s bad is when 90% of what you do is literally going out and killing 10 foozles. Inject a little humour, make people’s screens go a bit squiffy for 10 minutes, and suddenly the 10 rats become a social occasion and not a chore.

As with so many other things in MMOs (and life, come to think of it), it’s all relative.

5 thoughts on “It's all in the rat

  1. I like that idea, the rat killing becoming a social event not just a chore. That and no one drinks like the Dwarfs.

  2. That sounds like fun. I’ll have to check out what they have on offer up there, TH might get added to my list of dailies.

  3. When you say PROTECT THE BEER! my mind hears the “Hooray, Beer!” guy from the commercials in echo.

  4. I like the point about it being more of a social occasion than just a repetitive quest. For me though, this just reinforces the themepark feel of the game these days. Everything is a “tour” for the player to go on, an extravagant hand-holding event.

    Humorous quests are a must, and I appreciate those as much as you do. But when 90% of your quests are “kill 10 foozles”, you’re no longer entertaining the player. You suck the inspiration and wonder out of the world by distilling most activities to “kill 10 foozles”. This is dangerous. I’d agree with you more if the minority of quests was “kill 10 foozles”. But that’s not the case. These quests make the world staler faster than any other type of quest, because the player begins assuming there is nothing new. And until you show them the “new” they won’t even bother reading this crap …a sad state indeed for an RPG to be in.

    Anyway, I do think you have a point about what these quests can bring to the table. It’s just there needs to be other entrees at the table too, of different varieties.

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