Cheap-ass link to prove I haven't died

Wot I wrote on MMORPG this week.

I wouldn’t mind exploring the whole sandbox/theme-park thing in a bit more depth than is possible over there (mostly because I don’t think I can bore the readers of that site with the walls of text I’m capable of here), but I’m not feeling it right now.

Feel free to write your own post in the comments though. I’m cheap. I’ll take any content I can get.

More WoW screenies.

In the words of a guildie: "Future me is kind of an ass." I agree.
Best. Quest. EVAR. Nothing like rolling around blowing up/incinerating 1,000 gnomes. I couldn't stop...

3 thoughts on “Cheap-ass link to prove I haven't died

  1. Great article at, really well written. And where is that gnome burning quest? I must have missed that zone.

    1. It’s one of the quests in Uldum. I swear, I couldn’t stop rolling over those guys even once I’d killed the 1000. I’d look for the biggest clumps of them to roll over at once, because that was far more satisfying.

      Ahem. I’m really rather pacific and nice in RL. Honest.

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