Halp! I need somebody, halp!

Okay, that title was maybe a little more histrionic than I intended.

WFS’s Gordon made me laugh yesterday when he said “Time to start an alt” — just taunt me a second time-a why don’t you?

My name is Hyperbole and I am an Altoholic.

The long and short of this post is that it’s a shameless begging post. I already have my 9 alts made (duh!), a few of whom date back to 2004 and whom I can’t bring myself to reroll while the rest are fresh off the cookie-cutter line. I can’t put them all in Knights Who Say Ni because, well, that’s just greedy — I’m not the only altoholic in town and I already have 3 or 4 chars in the guild as it is, which is probably more than I should. Ni has an alts guild, but, meh.

Okay fine. I just want my own damn guild bank. Happy?

Cue begging: if anyone (well, 3 anyones) has a spare character slot and can make an Alliance char on Icecrown for as long as it takes me to get the 3 signatures we need, I’ll be eternally grateful and, um… will say something nice about you every week till August 2014. How’s that for a deal?

EDIT — Okay, blogging power and Twitter power are sometimes rather awesome. Many thanks to Shawndra, Stargrace and @R0NlN for the guild-creation help! There’s nothing quite like being helped out by total strangers (physically-speaking) to remind me why I love my MMOs. It’s not the game, it’s the people. <3

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  1. still need someone?


  2. Shoot me an email or hit me up on twitter (Jhaer) with a time, I’ll gladly help out.


  3. @Shawndra & Jason — yes I still need 3 sigs. I’m on right now as Alouette who’s holding the charter. I can’t recall if charters signers need to be online when it’s turned in, but I *think* not so it should just be a sign & run deal.

    Am based in Stormwind but it’s not like Darn, IF and the Exodar are that hard to get to these days.


  4. I’d offer to help but I’m assuming you’re on a US server. I’m stuck in Euroland :(



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