15 thoughts on “About damn time!

  1. I just seems wrong to me that you got 48,290 exp in a single shot (I assume for a quest turn in). MMOs have a problem with scale. The numbers are just so huge.

    1. There’s a sort of exponential thing going on once you hit 80 and the Cataclysm content, probably to give the people who have been 80 for years the feeling that their character is actually growing. Still, to give you an idea — I had something like 4-5k health in the late 70s, then jumped to over 10k at 80 and am now around 90k, ungeared, at 85. XP and damage sort of went the same way, hence the ginormous quest turnin number. Worth noting that 84-85 takes 9 million xp and change. 😉

      That said, it works. The stat/damage/xp jump didn’t bother me one bit, and I’m sure it gave the older players the feeling that their char was evolving somewhat.

      1. Heh… I’m still a huge fan of the 25 point stat system of AD&D where getting a single point of bonus on an item was rare but also noticeable and important.

  2. Congratulations! Although I hear you on the ‘may as well unsubscribe’ thing.

    With no desire to play the endgame content of WoW it is rather anticlimatic to actually reach it, eh? xD

    ((Also, thanks for adding me to your roll! <3 Just noticed as well though, it's over there as 'Fin in Games' xD ))

      1. Hah. That could have some rather interesting potential, I suppose.

        *pictures a fish flopping around on a console controller*

        I bet they wouldn’t be very good though.

  3. grats! I hope to be there sometime in the next month or so. I’m level 69 and climbing! Then prolly back to EQ2 to finally cap a toon there.

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