Cheap Tricks and Friday content

Yes, I’m that cheap. Here’s what I wrote for MMORPG this week, go look if you’ve a mind to.

It’s actually kind of odd doing that writing gig. Compared to this blog, I don’t feel as free to say whatever the hell I please, partly because they’re paying me for the columns but partly because it’s not my site. I know that shouldn’t really make a difference, but it does. It’s not just my opinions, it’s my opinions as published by a pretty large and popular gaming site. (That said, I’m really vanilla compared to some columnists. I’m probably being overly nice about the whole thing — and I mean nice in the older sense of the word, definition #2.)

Not that it’s gagging me entirely, you understand, or I wouldn’t have written the word “asshat” about 75 times in last week’s column. Still, it’s weird. Add to that the fact that I don’t really understand the readership and you’ve got a column I mostly enjoy doing but also somehow dread doing every week (which may help to explain why I’m always shaving the submission deadline so close *cough*). I’ve actually been tempted to dredge up some of my better posts here (as defined by me, rather than as defined by traffic, or I’d be writing about Hugh Laurie’s hawtness every day) and see if I can’t rework them for the column, but that still feels like semi-plagiarism and recycling, even if it’s only myself I’m copying.

I dunno. Maybe I’ll grow into it and get comfortable with it, the way most other bloggers I know who do “commercial” columns seem to have done. Or maybe I’ll always feel a little uncomfortable about it. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing — discomfort should at least keep me from getting too blasé about it and writing utter pap just because I can.

Am going to leave you with a couple of pix to ponder. Upon one hinges the fate of an entire world. Upon the other hinges the fate of one (admittedly somewhat used) brain. From the sublime to the squamously ridiculous, as Mr B might have said if he’d read more Lovecraft.